Zoom Meeting between Ali Zaidi and Top Management of New York Port Authority

21st January, 2021: Syed Ali Haider Zaidi, Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs convened a zoom meeting with NY Port Authority to discuss matters of mutual interest and cooperation.

Sharing the best practices on modern port governance and management. Mr. Robert Silberstein, Consul General along with his economic team and Mr. Sam Ruda, Director NY Port attended the meeting while
Chairman KPT (Mr. Nadir Mumtaz Warriach) also joined the Federal Minister for the meeting.

Discussion on statutory, financial and governance model of the NY Port Authority was done extensively in the aim to adopt and replicate the best and successful practices and methods by KPT.

Furthermore, there were firm commitments to introduce modern and technology based port governance system having diversified sources of revenue based on sustainable, environment friendly public private partnership.

NY Port and MOMA agreed on close coordination, visits and cooperation to enhance relations between USA and Pakistan and also to strengthen international Maritime security.

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