Actress Mira Sethi opens up on how she was sexually harassed

Lahore, 2nd June: Pakistani actress Mira Sethi, daughter of a senior journalist Najam Sethi and politician Jugnu Mohsin shared a sexual incident that recently happened in front of her.

While giving an interview to an online channel on YouTube on May 24, Mira Sethi revealed a shocking incident of her life.

Sethi said that a few days ago while she was playing tennis, an unknown person came to the boundary of the tennis court, saw her and started displaying inappropriate actions.

She revealed that it was very painful for her to see the person touching himself indecently and intentionally just to gain her attention.

She did not write this on social media nor did she tell her husband about it, however, she informed her coach about it but no one did anything.

It is said that why women don’t talk if something bad happens to them, but in fact, it shocks a person to see such an abhorrent action.

Mira Sethi asked why is there so much suffocation in our society?

Sethi said that our society needs to be developed socially so that people can help each other.

Watch the video here:

Earlier, the most popular actress and host Ayesha Omar also revealed that she was harassed. During an interview with Ayesha Omar on ‘MeToo’, the actress also talked about her life.

Referring to the ‘MeToo’ campaign, Ayesha Omar said that it is a very important campaign that empowers countless victims of sexual abuse to talk about it.

She added that there are many men and women in the industry who have been sexually abused. The actress revealed that she too has been harassed in her life and she knows that human beings at such times do not feel brave enough to talk openly about it.

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