Allah Almighty revealed the Holy Quran and Allah is protecting it: Allama Haqqani, Allama Mousavi

Lahore: Allah Almighty has revealed the Holy Quran and Allah is the One who protects it, Allama Abdul Shakoor Haqqani, and Allama Syed Hasnain Mousavi’s scholarly talk in Baaghi TV’s ramadan transmission, Rehmat Hee Rehmat, powered by Q-Mobile.

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Allama Abdul Shakur Haqqani said that the fourteenth para begins with Surah Al-Hijr. Allah has mentioned that the disbelievers criticize the person of the Messenger of Allah (SAW) and say, “If you are truthful, why don’t you bring angels to us?” He said, “We send down the angels to punish them, and when the angels descend, the nations are not given respite.”

Addressing the disbelievers who doubt and object to the revelation of the Qur’an, Allah said, “Indeed, it is We Who have sent down the Remembrance (of the Qur’an), and We are its Guardians.”

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In this Surah, Allah says: We have adorned the heavens and the earth with stars and protected them from the evil of the Shaitan [Satan]. Then there is mention of the creation of man, that “We created you from dust, and in it We shall return you, and from it We shall bring you out a second time”. It is to be understood that, when it was said that Adam (AS) was created from dust, it meant to refute the idea that no human being is a child of Allah (swt). Many people did not understand this metaphor and sat down to make idols based on their understanding.

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Allah (swt) also mentions the angels who are sent to the people of Lot. These angels came to Ibrahim (AS) before they went to Lut (AS), and gave the glad tidings of a noble son to Inrahim (AS) and told him, “We have been sent to destroy a criminal nation. Every one of the people of this nation will be killed, except the family of Lut, except the wife of Lut, about whom we judge that she will surely be left behind with the criminals”. The angels of God took the whole town of Lut to a certain height before they overthrew it, and rained down upon them stones.

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In this Surah, Allah also declares that Allah Himself is sufficient to deal with anyone who mocks the Messenger of Allah (SAW). Allah made every enemy of His Messenger (SAW) a sign of humiliation and warning. It is also stated in this Surah that the Prophet (SAW) was given seven verses from the Qur’an, the Surah al-Faatihah.

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After Surah Al-Hijr is Surah An-Nahl. It says that Allah sends down the trustworthy spirit with the angels to whomever He wills, so that they may warn the people that there is no god but Allah. It was also stated that all kinds of rides have been created for human beings. God created horses, mules, and donkeys, and created what man does not know.

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Allah rejected the idea of ​​two gods and said, human beings should not hold two gods, surely He is Allah alone. The belief in duality was present in the fire worshipers and they spoke of two gods. Allah rejected their belief. Allah also drew the attention of human beings to cattle and said that there is a lesson for human beings in cattle that Allah Almighty gives us pure milk from their bellies which comes out between blood and dung but there is no blood in it, neither has it any color and nor waste.

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It is said that Allah supports the bird in the simple air. It has been said that Allah has made houses a place of residence for us and the peace that man gets in his house is not found in any other place. It is said that Allah revealed the Qur’an to the Prophet (SAW) so that he could narrate to the people what was revealed to him. It is as if the edicts of the Prophet and his Sunnah are the statement of the Holy Quran.

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Allah has mentioned the sarcasm of the disbelievers that they used to say that the Qur’an was not revealed to the Prophet but that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to recite it to the people after hearing it from a non-Muslim in Rome (Murad Sohaib Rumi). “On your behalf, Allah Himself replied that the man whom they think to teach the Messenger of Allah (SAW) is a non-Arab, while the language of the Qur’an which was revealed to the Messenger of Allah is Arabic.” Also, the Holy Quran was revealed by the Holy Spirit to the heart of the Messenger of Allah (SAW), so that the believers may be kept steadfast, and it contains guidance and good news for the Muslims.

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Allah has also mentioned the town of Saba, which Allah had blessed with all the blessings of sustenance and peace, but when they engaged in acts of ingratitude and disobedience to Allah, Allah took away their peace from them in fear, and snatched the sustenance and made them hungry. This incident is meant to show that the peace and economy of the nations is related to the obedience of Allah and when a nation commits disobedience and ingratitude to Allah, Allah makes it restless and hungry and afraid.

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Praising Ibrahim (AS), Allah said, “Indeed, he was a community in his own right.” He was a very obedient and sincere (Hanif) Muslim. He never did shirk. He was grateful for Allah’s blessings. Allah had accepted them and guided them to a straight path.

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At the end of this surah, those who preach the religion are instructed that those who call to the path of Allah should preach wisely and in a good manner and discuss in a way that is pleasing. Verily, Allah knows best who is astray from His Path and who is on guidance.

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Patience in the face of religious adversity has been declared a good deed and that patience can only be attained by believing in the existence of Allah. Surely Allah is with those who guard (against evil) and those who do good.

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Fear of God and perseverance in the path of goodness are required to gain Allah’s support. A person who achieves these two things will gain Allah’s support.

Allama Syed Hasnain Mousavi, while summarizing the fourteenth para, said:

  • There are four things in Surah Al-Hijr:
  • Desire of the disbelievers
  • Protection of the Qur’an (Allah has taken care of the protection of the Qur’an till the Day of Resurrection)
  • Creation of Man

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There are three events:

First Story: The angels came to Ibrahim (AS) and gave him the good news of the arrival of his son. At that time his wife was very old, and apparently it was not the age of giving birth, so Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) was both happy and surprised to hear the good news of a son. The angels said, “We are telling you the true good news, do not be disappointed.” He (AS) said, “To despair of the mercy of Allah is only the work of the misguided.”

Second Story: The angels came to the service of Lut (AS) after giving glad tidings to Ibrahim (AS) and asked him to leave the town at night with his family because of the sins of his townsfolk. The angels said that “They have gone so far in their rebellion that Allah Almighty has decided to purify the earth from their impure existence. Their roots will be cut off in the morning.”

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Third Story: Companions of the Stone, they refer to the nation of Thamud. These people were also on the path of oppression and abuse, and despite repeated explanations, were not willing to give up idolatry.

They were shown various miracles, especially the miracle of the birth of a camel from a mountain rock, which was in fact a combination of many miracles.

The camel emerges from the cliff, approaches its birth as soon as it emerges, its size is unusually large, it produces a lot of milk, but these unfortunates did not appreciate this miracle. Instead, of believing in Allah’s miracle of the camel, they killed it. Therefore, the people of the Valley of Stone also came under the grip of torment.

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There are five things in Surah An-Nahl:

Monotheism: Allah Almighty made the earth a floor and the sky a roof, created man from sperm, created animals, which have various benefits and they are also a source of pride and beauty for their owner. Horses, mules and donkeys that are used for transportation and they also have splendor and adornment created by Allah.

He (swt) sends down rain, then He produces olives, dates, grapes and many other fruits and grains. He has kept night and day, sun and moon in the service of man. He provides fresh meat and ornaments from the rivers. Ships and boats are floating in the sea by His command. If you want to count the blessings of Allah, you cannot count them.

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Prophethood: The Prophet (SAW) was commanded to call people to Allah with wisdom and good advice and to be patient in the face of adversity. You are also instructed to be patient and not to be anxious.

Honey bee: The bee system is very strange, it makes its hive in the mountains and trees by the command of Allah, it sucks the juice of different kinds of fruits, then Allah Almighty extracts honey from them, the color of which are different and in this honey Allah has hidden the cure for many human diseases.

Comprehensive verse: Verse 2 of this surah commands three things and forbids three things: justice in worship and affairs, treating everyone well and cooperating with relatives, and obvious evil, forbidden deeds and oppression are also forbidden.

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Appreciation of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS): Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) has been adhering to pure monotheism all his life. The Holy Prophet (SAW) has been ordered to follow the people of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS).

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