Another prominent figure killed in a drone strike following assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist

After the Iranian scientist, another prominent Iranian figure has been targeted in a drone strike, according to a Baaghi TV report.

According to a foreign news agency, the key commander of the Revolutionary Guards, Muslam Shahidan Kodron, has been targeted in the attack. Muslam Shahidan was targeted on the Iraq-Syria border on Sunday. The Revolutionary Guards’ main commander, Shahidan, has been martyred in a drone strike.

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Just days after the assassination of Mohsin Fakhrizada, a key commander of the Revolutionary Guards, Muslam Shahidan, was assassinated. According to a foreign news agency, near the border between Iraq and Syria, Muslim Revolutionary Guards commander Muslam Shahidan was killed in a drone strike.

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Iraqi sources confirmed the death of the Iranian commander, saying that the car of Commander Muslam Shahidan was targeted last night in the border area with Syria. They did not say who carried out the drone strike or what the Iranian commander was doing there. However, according to some unconfirmed sources, a US fighter jet fired a missile at the Iranian commander’s car, killing two pro-Iranian militia fighters.

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It should be noted that a few days ago, Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizada was killed during a terrorist operation. Mohsen Fakhrizada’s assassination was strongly protested by Iran, which hinted at Israel’s involvement in the assassination and vowed to take revenge on Mohsen Fakhrizada’s killers.

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It should be noted that the founder of Iran’s nuclear program, Mohsen Fakhrizada, was martyred in a terrorist attack in Tehran on November 27th.

In the Damavand area of ​​the Iranian capital, Tehran, gunmen attacked the car of an Iranian scientist. The assailants exploded and opened fire near his car, seriously injuring scientist Mohsin Fakhrizada. He was taken to a nearby hospital, but could not recover.

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It should be noted that the Zionist government announced in early 2018 that Mossad spies had attempted to assassinate an Iranian nuclear scientist but, they did not succeed. Earlier, it was reported that Mossad spies had attempted to assassinate Mohsen Fakhrzada Mahabadi, an Iranian nuclear scientist responsible for the nuclear reactor.

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Millions attended the funeral prayers for the Iranian father of the atomic bomb scientist. As soon as the head of the nuclear program Mohsen Fakhrizada was confirmed by the Iranian Ministry of Defense. The Iranian people took to the streets. In the meantime, he expressed intense grief and anger.

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