Captain (R.) Safdar gives another controversial statement, should he be Court-Martialed?

According to the report of Baaghi TV, another controversial statement of Maryam Nawaz’s husband Captain (R.) Safdar has come to light.

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A video has surfaced in which Captain (R.) Safdar said that there used to be a leader named Abdul Wali Khan, his father’s name was Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan. He said to “bury me in a free country”. I was a student at that time, I said March 23rd, Independence August 14th, two national ideology, then why did he say to bury in an independent country, Afghanistan? Yesterday I found out from Mian Sahib’s speech that I am a slave after gaining freedom. My father was also a slave, we have been in the bondage of a certain mind for seventy years.

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Captain (R.) Safdar said, “Where does the people’s money go? I said I am from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.” Wali Khan’s theory was correct, I salute Akbar Bugti, Shah Ahmad Noorani. We want respect for the vote, for the constitution. It has become the demand of the nation to get those who break the constitution out of their graves.

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Captain (R.) Safdar said that Punjab is raising its voice. There is insurgency in Punjab, fighting for rights. Sindh, KP, Balochistan are the younger brothers of Punjab. I am involved in terrorism in the courts of Punjab. Bhutto who was from Sindh, came to the courts of Pindi. The courts will get justice, they are bringing bills in the parliament. Contempt of judge sentenced to six months, and contempt of general to two years. These are the families who were raised for this purpose, Q, N PTI keep changing their names, their name and work are the same.

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Despite being a Pakistan Army employee and retired from the Army, Captain (R.) Safdar is not shying away from criticizing the Pakistan Army. Action may also be taken against retired officers and employees over allegations and criticism of the Pakistan Army. Public opinion has demanded that Captain (R.) Safdar be arrested for criticizing the institutions and that he be court-martialed. Like the PML-N leadership, Captain (R.) Safdar is also making an Indian statement and the country is going to be destabilized.

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Mubasher Lucman, a senior journalist and anchor person, had said on Mubasher Lucman’s official YouTube channel that he had given so much importance to Captain (R.) Safdar that he was not invited to the function at home. If he is given too much intimacy, he comes as Maryam Nawaz’s driver. Captain Safdar was an army officer, a retired army officer can also have a court martial. He should have a court martial. He made a disgusting show of political actions over Quaid-e-Azam’s mausoleum, what a drama, he considered the politics of Pakistan as a joke? We will run their politics, who is Safdar Sahib, in what context did he go there and said respect the vote, who are these people? He is a retired officer who could not go beyond the rank of captain, his ACR was not good, he was bound to be fired, but he resigned. Now he is talking against the same institution, what is he talking about.

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