How much does a Markhor hunting license cost in Pakistan?

The Forest, Wildlife & Environment Department Gilgit-Baltistan, has auctioned hunting permits for Trophy Hunting 2020-21 for Markhor, Ibex (Mountain Goat) and Blue Sheep.

In a special auction held in Gilgit, registered companies for domestic and foreign hunters participated and bid for various types of wildlife permits. Hunting permits include Markhor, Ibex and Blue Sheep, respectively.

According to the details, a total of four permits were auctioned for Pakistan’s national animal Markhor’s hunting, of which the largest bid for US $62,000 (Rs. 9,963,400) was obtained by a company called Safari, while the three permits were purchased for US $61,500 per hunt sold to a company called Himalayan Nature Tours.

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A total of 18 licenses were reserved for Blue Sheep for domestic and foreign hunters.

A company called Himalayan Nature Tour obtained a permit for the Markhor for US $6,700, while the permit was sold for Rs 47,500 to local hunters.

A total of 150 permits were kept for iBex, a company called Zoom Hunting obtained a hunting permit at the Karakoram Village Organization for US $3,600. The annual auction concluded with a sale of Rs. 1,015,000 for domestic hunters and Rs. 191,000 locally.

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