Continuous increase in corona patients and deaths across Pakistan

Cases and casualties continue to increase across Pakistan as third wave of COVID-19 intensifies. 

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According to the latest figures released by the National Command & Operation Center (NCOC), 98 patients have been lost in the last 24-hours with 5,857 cases surfacing. NCOC has confirmed positivity ratio to be 10.6% in Pakistan.

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According to reports, city-wide positivity ratio is reported to be: 33% in Mardan, 26% in Peshawar, 20% in Nowshera, 38% in Bahawalpur, 25% in Faisalabad, 27% in Lahore, 21% in Multan, 28% in Rawalpindi, 14% in Hyderabad and 13% in Karachi, respectively.

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Meanwhile, the mortality rate is confirmed to be 16,453 deaths in Pakistan as the number of total affected people is reported to be 767,368.

The Pakistan government has urged the public to strictly implement Corona virus SOPs such as wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, washing hands frequently, ventilating homes and others. The government has announced strict action against those who will violate COVID-19 SOPs.

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