Disney Studios announce reboot of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ in female lead role

Disney Studios has reportedly announced that it will soon begin making Pirates of the Caribbean, with a female protagonist.

Baaghi TV: Disney Studios has announced that the production of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean based on the female lead will begin soon. Two years ago, it was rumored that Disney Studios wanted to replace the famous Pirates of the Caribbean character Jack Sparrow with the female character Captain Reid instead of the male character.

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However, now the news has come to light that the film studio will make a separate film series of the main character of the woman instead of changing the character with the woman.

Reuters quoted the Hollywood Reporter and other showbiz websites as saying that according to sources close to Disney Studios, the Pirates of the Caribbean have plans for a female character instead of a male one and will make a separate film based on this note.

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Margot Ruby, a 29-year-old Australian actress, will be cast in the first film of the female protagonist series, and the story of the film will be very different from the male characters of Pirates of the Caribbean, a sequel to the old film with female characters. Or it will not be a part but it will be a new series?

The story of the first film of Pirates of the Caribbean, based on female characters, will be written by British writer Christiana Hudson, while the film will also be produced by Jerry Berkheimer, the producer of the male film series.

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John Jack Depp, a 54-year-old actor playing the lead role in the popular film series Pirates of the Caribbean, has played the lead role for the last 15 years and has released five films in the series. The last of which was the film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales which was released in May 2017.

The first film in the series was released in July 2003. Following the success of the first film, the second film was released in July 2006, the third in May 2007 and the fourth in May 2011.

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