FIA’s anti-terrorism wing summons Anchor Nadeem Malik, notice issued

ISLAMABAD: Well-known anchor Nadeem Malik has been summoned by the FIA’s anti-terrorism wing. A notice has also been issued.

Nadeem Malik, a well-known anchor and president of Samaa TV, has been summoned by the FIA’s anti-terrorism wing for an inquiry into Judge Arshad Malik’s case regarding his program aired on April 28.

According to the notice, he has enough information about the sensitive details of the case, which requires him to appear on July 6 and present the evidence to help the agency investigate the case.


According to the notice sent on July 2, Nadeem Malik was asked to appear before Muhammad Azmat Khan, Assistant Director, FIA’s Counter-Terrorism Wing, under Section 160 of the Pakistan Penal Code on July 6, based on his April 28 program.

The notice said that Nadeem Malik should bring relevant information, documents and evidence.

According to sources, Nadeem Malik has been informed through this notice that the revelations made in his program are related to the case number 24 registered in 2019 under investigation by the FIA.

It may be recalled that Nadeem Malik had said in his TV talk show aired on April 28 that he had been told by two high-ranking officials about the video of Judge Arshad Malik convicting former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Sharif’s disqualification was decided.