Google commemorates Egyptian engineer

Popular search engine, Google, reportedly celebrated Egyptian pioneer, Dr. Nabil Ali Mohamed, on the occasion of his birthday.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, Dr. Nabil Ali Mohamed, was the pioneer for Arabic language computing. Dr. Nabil Ali who is renowned for his innovations in computational linguistics, was the man that lead the Arab world into the age of information and technology by means of programs that enabled the computing devices to understand Arabic in digital form.

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Nabil Ali Mohamed who from an early age was inclined towards art, was born in Cairo. He expressed interest in applying visual aesthetics to the world of engineering as a means to connect the Arabic speaking natives with the rest of the world.

Nabil Ali Mohamed’s 82nd Birthday

Nabil Ali Mohamed obtained his doctoral degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Cairo University and worked with the Egyptian Air Force for almost two decades. Digitization of the Arabic language with its linguistic rules and morphology was a means of bridging the gap between Arab speakers and the world. Dr. Nabil Ali Mohamed has won to his credit multiple awards, including the prestigious, King Faisal Prize in 2012 for his contributions in the field of Arabic language and literature.

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Google on the occasion of his eighty-second birthday created a special doodle to celebrate the achievements and contributions of the pioneer. The doodle designed by Google’s Kevin Laughlin, aims to bring the west closer to the East by means of exploring peoples approach towards digitizing languages and writing systems.

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