Having relations with a successful married man for money is a humiliation for a woman: Farah Sadia

Having relations with a successful married man for money is a humiliation for a woman, claims television personality, Farah Sadia.

According to the reports of Baaghi TV, the Pakistani female anchor has said that having relations with a successful married man for money is a humiliation of a woman.

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Tweeting on the social networking site Twitter, Farah Saadia said that having physical relations with a successful married man for money is the limit of obscenity and humiliation for a woman. Such women disgrace every working woman.

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Farah Saadia further said that it is fashionable today to reject good relationships in the lure of money and become a mistress for influential men. She added that even parents do not ask where mobiles, clothes, and shoes are coming from.

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It is to be noted, while announcing the investigation, the police have registered a case against Malik Riaz’s relative, Amna Usman, wife of Malik Usman. According to sources, the case has been registered at Defense C Police Station Lahore.

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Amna Usman Malik, and daughters of business tycoon Malik Riaz, have been charged in the case. In which it is said that Uzma Khan was present at her residence in Lahore when the two daughters of Malik Riaz along with Amna Usman Malik entered her house with armed guards and tortured her and her sister, apart from saying bad things. In the petition filed by Uzma Khan, it is said that Amna Usman Malik has also threatened her.

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The FIR states that Malik Riaz’s daughters came to our house by force, and as soon as they arrived, they started torturing us. Malik Riaz’s daughter poured kerosene to set fire to the actress and her sister for having explicit relations with Malik Usman.

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Malik Riaz’s daughters got angry with the actresses who were allegedly maintaining explicit relations with Malik Usman, on which she poured kerosene on the actress Uzma Khan and her sister, Huma Khan. Whether Malik Riaz’s daughter poured kerosene oil to scare, or set fire to, the model-actress could not be clear.

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The video of the oil spill has gone viral on social media. Malik Riaz’s daughter, along with her bodyguards forcibly entered the house of well-known model Uzma Khan, threw petrol on the model and allegedly threatened to burn her and her sister Huma Khan.

On behalf of Malik Riaz’s daughter, a woman present with Riaz’s daughter is also seen threatening the model-actress and her sister based on the viral video.

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