Hundreds Abandoned as Red-Hot Lava Endangers in Spain

On 19 September, 2021, molten magma started up from the volcanic eruption. The molten lava that erupted from the volcano has piled trash to nearly 600 hectares of area in Spanish Island of La Palma.

According to local media reports, hundreds of citizens were instructed to evacuate their homes on Tuesday on the Spanish island of La Palma. The red-hot lava is expected to progress towards the neighborhood of La Palma, that is why the residents are ordered to leave the place with their pets and belongings.

In the northeast of the Canary Island, the river of molten magma swooped from the Cumbre Vieja volcano. According to the Canary Islands Volcanic Emergency Plan (Pevolca), the Spanish government instructed almost 700 to 800 inhabitants of La Laguna to evacuate their home along with their belongings and pets.

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Technical Director of Pevolca, Miguel Angel Morcuende said that they have been compelled to abandon their new area. He said that as the lava is progressing gradually, people must get some time to take their important documents, their personal belongings and other things of value along with them.

On Tuesday, 64 basaltic motions of the toughest measuring 4.1, were reported by the Spanish National Geological Institute. With all this going on, Airport operator AENA told media that La Palma airport remained open but 11 flights were terminated on Tuesday. Many flights were postponed.

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Earlier on Tuesday, officials lifted a lockdown organized because of a cloud of smoke over two villages induced by the outbreak, enabling more than 3,000 inhabitants to go outwards.

Lava poured out from the volcano inundating a cement plant on Monday, boosting clouds of smoke and provoking administrations to advise people in the neighborhood to remain at home.

Emergency assistance had told citizens in the towns of El Paso and Los Llanos de Aridane to remain indoors, close their windows and turn off air conditioning units to prevent breathing harmful vapors from the burning cement plant as it was slowly gulped by the lava.

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Lava from the explosion that began on September 19 has plopped trash to almost 600 hectares in whole, authorities said. After the volcano’s cone somewhat slumped on Saturday, another stream of lava flowed towards the sea, depleting banana and avocado farms and most of the persisting houses in the town of Todoque.

Downpours of molten rock have demolished 1,186 towers in the three weeks since the eruption, the Canary Islands Volcanic Institute said. About 6,700 people have been abandoned from their residences on La Palma, which has about 83,000 residents.

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