The Youngest Woman in the World to Fly an Aircraft

Fatinah Al Beetar was born in Syria in 1959 and when she was 3 months old her family migrated to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which was called the Trucial States back then. She was started her studies in the primary aviation school that began on May 16, 1971, in the Arab tribal considerations, which were under the colonial British rule at that time.

Al Beetar would have adored to play a vital role in the aviation sector, but destiny had better ideas for her. She originated a different fascination in education. Fatinah Al Beetar flied to the sky at the age of 14. This made her the youngest woman to do so.

The heroic and bold teenager appeared from a well heeled Syrian family. Her father was one of the missionaries in the publishing enterprise before the UAE was established as an Arab state.

She began to take her flying classes under the surveillance of her tutor, Captain Adel Al Deeb, who was the founder of the aviation school. He also assisted as the manager of the aviation school until 1976.

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Al Beetar’s parents were endorsing and supporting of her aviation initiatives and her admired fantasy was understood when she earned her license. She finished 700 drifting hours. She was the merely girl learner in her course in 1973 session.

She became the first Arab female pilot — an amazing and astonishing accomplishment that grabbed the universal ingenuity, bringing the Arab and the Western press in a beeline to interview her. She was solicited by journalists from England, Germany, and Arab countries because of her accomplishment.

She had fled to Abu Dhabi, in and around Sharjah and the northern emirate of Fujairah during her aborning profession as a pilot. She had also conducted an aviation to Pakistan and Bahrain.

Al Beetar would have adored to play a vital role in the aviation sector, but destiny had better ideas for her. She had to evacuate her passion and leave UAE with her husband to move to England. Then, Al Beetar,  a portrait Arab dignity and dogged eagerness, established an exotic fascination in learning.

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Firstly, she attained a bachelor’s degree from Damascus University, followed by her first post-graduate degree in Islamic studies. She got on to collect two consecutive post-graduate degrees in different fields that were business administration and leadership in education. Her third post-graduate degree was from Abu Dhabi University.

Presently, she is the headmistress of Al-Bayan School in Sharjah. In retrospect, she is satisfied with all of her achievements. She has four children, two daughters and two sons, who take huge dignity in their mother’s accomplishment, as she fled on a road limited hiked and tended to exceed in it.

Al Beetar’s aviation accomplishments arrived to the vanguard all over again during the Sharjah Museum Authority’s (SMA) annual celebration of the Emirati Civil Aviation Day on October 5 — the day when the first commercial flight landed in the emirate, carrying four passengers on board.

The Sharjah Museum Authority exhibited documents that we’re never seen before and portraits from the country’s initial aviation school and some meteorological instruments used at Sharjah International Airport.

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The rare displays include portraits, mail, and manuscripts that flicker a glow on the past of Al Mahatta airport, the aviation school, and the incredible accomplishment of Al Beetar. The ceremony is dedicated to how the maiden air link had begun marketable recreations and artistic trade with the rest of the world.

The exhibition also chronicles how delayed Captain Al Deeb, the mentor of Al Beetar, had begun the flying school on May 16, 1971, after attaining a flying license from England in the previous year. His daughter, Nora Al Deeb, had advanced to the Sharjah Museum Authority with his daily aviation certificates and titles, pilot license, and uniform.

Captain Al Deeb carried a degree in civil engineering and arrived to the then Trucial States in 1957 from his aboriginal Lebanon. He had assisted create various programs in his adopted country, encompassing colleges and an eponymous hospital. His soul departed away in 2015 in the northern emirate of Ajman.

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