Iran will not negotiate with United States, says Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in a two-way statement that there will be no negotiation on the country’s nuclear and missiles program with the United States.

According to our report, Ali Khamenei said that we will not negotiate the fundamental values ​​of the revolution. Similarly, we do not want to discuss any of our military capabilities. Before the statement of the Iranian Supreme Leader, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani indicated that if the United States sanctioned sanctions on Iran, it can be discussed, but now Ayatollah Khamenei has clearly said that they will not negotiate with the United States, because of the benefit of these negotiations, there has been an overturned loss.

Before the statement of Hassan Rouhani, US President Trump also gave a statement about the negotiations and said that Iran would like to do another deal and it is also possible. The situation is that there is a tension between Iran and the United States, because of the aggressive statement from both sides.

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