Islamabad High Court: Corruption is spreading into our Society like Cancer, it will ruin our Country.

Islamabad High Court has written in the decision of Fake Bank Accounts Case that corruption is spreading into our society like cancer, if corruption is firmly not stopped, it will ruin our country.




According to the report of Baaghi TV, Islamabad High Court has rejected the bail release of Hussein Lawai and Taha Raza. Justice Amir Farooq and Justice Mohsin Akhtar kayani of Islamabad High Court issued a verdict that the accused had a connection with fake bank accounts, the accused was on top position in private bank linked to the fake accounts case. Bail application of the accused cannot be accepted on medical terms either as he is not on its merit.


The decision was further written that corruption in the country is being utilized as royal reform, mass corruption is devastating for the domestic economy, and it is also the primary duty of the court to stop public corruption. Corruption is spreading in society as a cancer. If corruption is not stopped by firm hands, then it will ruin the country.

NAB had arrested Hussein Lawai and Taha Raza earlier this year. Hussain Lawai and private bank corporate head Taha Raza has been arrested in Park Lane and Money Laundering case. Islamabad High Court reserved the verdict on 19 June 2019 after the arguments on both the petitions were finalized.

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