Jeem releases debut single to commemorate Pakistan’s Independence

'Dil Mein Pakistan' released on Pakistan's 73rd Independence Day!

Upcoming musical group, Jeem, releases their debut single and patriotic anthem, on the occasion of Pakistan’s 73rd Independence Day. 

According to reports of Baaghi TV, the group that consists of three promising individuals namely Sherjan Ahmad, Imraan Ahmad and Junaid Iqbal is ready to brave the storms and set to make their mark with their amazing music. Following the footsteps of their musically talented father Salman Ahmad, the Ahmad brothers with their friend, have created a musical masterpiece in honor of Pakistan’s Independence.

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Although the three members are based in different parts of the world, they have managed to connect through their love for Pakistan and Pakistani rock band, Junoon, of which Salman Ahmad is a part.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, Sherjan Ahmad composed the tune which led to the beautiful rendition and coming together of Jeem, to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence. “Dil Mein Pakistan” is a song of hope, celebration and love for Pakistan.

Image credit: Pictured above is Sherjan Ahmed of the promising musical group, Jeem. Image copyright Sherjan Ahmed/Jeem.

The song which has been released on 14th August, 2020 is titled “Dil Mein Pakistan”, and aims to pay tribute to the nation and its “resilient citizens”.

According to members of Jeem, they wanted to release the song on the Day of Independence, especially during challenging times of COVID-19, to help spread positivity across Pakistan and to uplift the spirits of the Pakistani people.

Moreover, “Dil Mein Pakistan” is the latest in a long list of patriotic anthems since the Independence of Pakistan in August, 1947 and strives to reinforce the love for Pakistan as well as to re-invoke the essence of the countless sacrifices made by our ancestors.

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Previously released notable anthems include the timeless: “Aye Watan Pyaarey Watan” by Ustad Amanat Ali Khan, “Hum Laye Hain Tuhfa” by Saleem Raza, “Aye Quaid e Azam Tera Ehsaan Hai Ehsaan” by Munawwar Sultana, “Yeh Watan Tumhara Hai” by Mehdi Hassan, “Chand Meri Zameen Phool Mera Watan” by Ustad Amanat Ali Khan, “Aye Rah e Haq Ke Shaheedo” by Naseem Begum, “Aye Watan Pyare Watan” by Ustad Amanat Ali Khan, “Aye Watan Key Sajiley Jawanoo” by Madame Noor Jehan.

As well as the more recent ones that include: “Is Parcham Ke Saye Talay Hum Eik Hain” by Alamgir, “Dil Dil Pakistan” by Vital Signs, “Azad” by Awaaz, “Humari Pehchaan” by Najam Sheraz, “Urainge” by Ali Zafar, “Mulk-e-Khuda” by Abida Parveen, “Tu Qadam Barhaaey Ja” by Jal and “Sabz Safaid Rang” by Asim Azhar.

Image credit: Pictured above is Junaid Iqbal of the promising musical group, Jeem. Image copyright Sherjan Ahmed/Jeem.

The music video for “Dil Mein Pakistan”, features scenes from Pakistan’s landscape to shots from cricket matches, from polo matches to vintage videos of boating competitions including the historical moment when Pakistan’s serving Prime Minister Imran Khan received the trophy after winning the Cricket World Cup in 1992.

Moreover, Jeem has managed to capture the essence of Pakistan and what it means to be a Pakistani, by bringing together all aspects of Pakistan under their message of loving Pakistan. The landscape depiction includes all forms of local terrain from rivers and waterfalls to mountains and valleys, from highlighting the vast array of sports activities including cricket, sailing and polo, to the fervor with which our youth strives to acquire knowledge and learning.

Image credit: Pictured above is Imraan Ahmed of the promising musical group, Jeem. Image copyright Sherjan Ahmed/Jeem.

Written and Composed by Sherjan Ahmad, and performed by Junaid Iqbal and Sherjan Ahmad, the song has been mastered and engineered by Imraan Ahmad Khan. The music video has been directed by Mieraan Ul Haque and edited by Imraan Ahmad and Mieraan Ul Haque.

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In short, the team of Jeem hopes that their effort to promote Pakistan nationally and internationally through their music, especially their debut song “Dil Mein Pakistan” will help Pakistanis to always cherish their homeland and forever keep it in their hearts. According to Sherjan Ahmad it is hoped that “Sab ke dil mein hamesha rahey Pakistan” (Pakistan stays in the hearts forever).

You can listen to “Dil Mein Pakistan” below:

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