Karachi Desk Editors Association condemns suspension of Bol News license, fine

The closure of Bol News is an attack on freedom of expression, Chairman Kedia said.

The Karachi Desk Editors Association has termed the decision of PEMRA, to suspend the license of Bol News for one month and impose a fine, a restriction on freedom of expression and demanded immediate resumption of broadcasting of the channel.

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Chairman Kedia Zakir Ali Awan in his condemnation statement said that suspending the entire channel on the basis of one program is an attempt by the government to control the media. The government wants to cover up its incompetence by stifling freedom of expression. He termed the one-month closure of the channel as an economic massacre of journalists and demanded reversal of the dictatorial move.

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Chairman Kedia said that the suspension of Bol News would affect the financial condition of the company which would have a direct impact on the media workers. The Karachi Desk Editors Association reiterates its commitment that if PEMRA does not immediately reverse its decision, it will join hands with other journalists’ organizations to raise its voice for freedom of expression.

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