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Meesha Shafi’s brother, Faris Shafi, Disrespecting Women [WATCH]

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For three years Pakistani actress, model and a singer Meesha Shafi and her so called “believers” tried to prove their case saying that they “believe” that Pakistani singer-songwriter Ali Zafar disrespected women.

According to the details, Meesha Shafi had filed a case in 2018 against her colleague Ali Zafar for sexually harassing her, following which Zafar had filed a defamation suit against her. However, Meesha’s own brother Faris Shafi has been heard disrespecting women publicly in his rap-songs.

Moreover, Sabah Hameed, Meesha Shafi’s mother, has been caught lying in the court. After saying she supported his rap songs, said her son had deleted the videos from his social media and apologised.

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Here are his videos available on his Facebook. She also had no idea where how and when she signed the documents as her power of attorney, who is paying the lawyers.

When asked about the source of funding for the case by one of the lawyers, she had no answer. For more related to Ali Zafar, Meesha Shafi visit. They say catching one lie means everything is a lie and in her case, it seems multiple lies have been caught in court.

It is quite evident now why such a deceitful game is planned against superstar Ali Zafar. Disgruntled friends using a precious and powerful movement as a weapon to attack a big star to ride a wave. It is to be noted that singer Ali Zafar had filed a defamation case against singer Meesha Shafi who alleged the latter of sexual harassment charges, not yet proven before the court.

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In November 2018, Ali Zafar had filed a complaint with FIA cybercrime wing, alleging that many social media accounts were posting “threats and defamatory material” against him. He provided details of some Twitter and Facebook accounts to support his claim. Zafar stated that many of these fake accounts were connected to Meesha Shafi to launch a dirty campaign against him.

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