NCOC reviews protocols for worship places

In light of the recent spike of Covid-19 cases across Pakistan, the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC), has reviewed the essential protocols for mosques and other places of worship. 

According to Baaghi TV reports, the NCOC session reviewed the current situation in detail and agreed on the implementation of “essential protocols” for places of worship. According to the NCOC, only fully vaccinated individuals will be allowed into places of worship, including for prayers in mosques. 

The NCOC has made use of masks and social distancing of at least six feet mandatory for worshippers and ordered the removal of carpets from mosque premises to curb a further spread. In addition, the NCOC has advised the elderly and the co-morbid to preferably offer their prayers at home. The NCOC has further advised the public to use hand sanitizers frequently.

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Moreover, the NCOC has suggested maintaining minimal attendance for prayers and performing ablution at home. The NCOC has further advised that the doors and/or windows be kept open to ensure proper ventilation. According to reports, the NCOC has suggested that prayers preferably be organized in the open. 

Moreover, the imams have been advised to keep shorter sermons for Jumma prayers. According to Baaghi TV’s reports, there has been an alarming increase in Covid-19 cases in courts across Islamabad, which is fast becoming a city with rising coronavirus cases. According to local journalist Muhammad Owais from Islamabad, the courts have been asked to strictly enforce SOPs. People who have not been vaccinated are not being allowed to come to court. The use of masks has been made mandatory.

According to Mohammad Owais, the public also has to play a responsible role, Pakistan is now experiencing the fifth wave of Coronavirus people need to take it seriously.

The spread of Covid-19 in Pakistan has accelerated once again. About a thousand patients have begun to be reported daily. According to the NCOC (National Command and Operation Center), for the first time in Pakistan, more than 7,500 cases of corona have been reported in a single day. Earlier in the month of June, 6,800 patients had come forward.

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According to the NCOC, in the last 24-hours, there have been 23 deaths from Coronavirus following which the total number of deaths is reported to be 29,065, in Pakistan. In the last 24-hours, a further 7,678 coronavirus cases have been reported in the country bringing the total number of cases to 1,353,479. 

According to the NCOC, 59,343 corona tests were performed across the country in the last 24-hours, with a positive case rate of 12.93%. 

Moreover, the Covid-19 positivity ratio in Karachi is reported to be 46.58%. According to reports, 6,760 tests were conducted of which 3,149 people tested positive. The positivity percentage in Hyderabad is reported to be 17.27% with 242 new cases.  

Meanwhile, the positivity percentage is quoted to be 20% in Islamabad. In the last 24-hours, 1,359 new cases surfaced across Islamabad.

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