Netizens angry over Nida Yasir’s insensitive content

Lahore, 16th September: Pakistan TV host Nida Yasir has been criticized by the public on her recent insensitive content.

According to the report of Baaghi TV, morning show host Nida Yasir has been sharply criticized by social media users for inviting the parents of 5-year-old Marwah, who was murdered after being raped in Karachi, to her program.

As per reports, Nida Yasir asked a number of questions about the tragic incident form the parents of a 5-year-old girl Marwah. The public has shown outrage over the insensitivity of the host and demanded PEMRA to close the show.

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Baaghi TV had reported earlier about Marwah, who was raped by two accused in Isa Nagri area of ​​Karachi and her body was dumped in a rubbish bin.

People were shocked to hear such a heart-wrenching incident to a minor child. In such a situation, Nida Yasir called Marwah’s parents on her morning show and asked several questions about the incident.

Yasir invited well-known social activist Sarem Burney and a lawyer to her program. During the program, Nida asked questions from the girl’s parents about the incident, to which Marwah’s mother started crying and on one occasion, Nida Yasir herself could not control her emotions.

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Watch the full video here:

When the video clip of the morning show went viral on social media, users were outraged at Nida Yasir. Netizens said that such questions from the already distressed parents in front of the whole world made them sadder. ۔

A netizen wrote that the host once again healed the wounds of the grieving parents.

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A user also wrote that the media desperately needs to learn ethics and follow the code of conduct.

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Some users also expressed surprise that PEMRA has not banned the program so far.

While some users said that it is a painful process to invite the affected family to the show and ask questions again and again.

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