Overseas Pakistani Community appeals to COAS for Justice

Overseas-Pakistani-Community-appeals-to-COAS-for-Justice #Baaghi

16th September, 2021


General Qamar Javed Bajwa

Chief of Army Staff

G.H.Q, Rawalpindi


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Subject: Noor Mukadam Murder Trial

Dear Sir,

My name is Sabiha Lakhani, I work for JP Morgan as a Financial Advisor. I am a US citizen of Pakistani Origin living in Seattle, Washington. I want to draw your very kind attention to the murder trial of Noor Mukadam.

As you may be aware, this brutality took place on 20th July 2021 in Islamabad. Noor Mukadam, daughter of the very respected, Mr Shaukat Mukadam, ex-ambassador of Pakistan was mercilessly decapitated and tortured for almost two days while she was kept hostage by the named accused in the case, Zahir Jaffer.

This case has sent shockwaves across the world, especially in the Overseas Pakistani Community.

Today, I wrote to you on behalf of the Pakistani Association of Greater Seattle Area. The Pakistani Community in Seattle has, not only been intently watching each and every step of this case but have also been actively expressing their concerns and fears directly to the Prime Minister, Mr. Imran Khan, and other higher officials through PM Portal. Their concerns primarily are centered around the credibility of the judiciary, especially when handling cases of the elite in Pakistan. Being a Proud Pakistani Military Chief, General Bajwa, I know how significant it is for you to carry yourself to the utmost of standards and principles. One of those principles is Justice.

There have been a total of twelve arrests in this case and I appeal to you to use your position of influence for justice, not just for Noor, but for all the women and children victimized in Pakistan.

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Apart from the accused, all the co-accused need to be kept under the microscope as well, due to their abetting to the crime, especially the parents, Zakir Jaffer and Asmat Adamjee.

Here, I would also like to point out that, Islam is the only religion that gives women the highest form of respect however, in Islam, to take a life is likened to the end of mankind which ties into the fact that whoever helps in the act, such as, rather than reporting to the police, and attempt to sweep the matter under the rug is done more than once.

Nor does Islam discriminate against any gender including crimes.

In today’s day and age, feminism and women-centric social activists are on the rise. One of the co-accused, I believe, the mother of the accused, Asmat Adamjee, herself has petitioned to the court that she is a social activist, philanthropist, and a humanitarian, and based on these grounds, she demands to be released. However, from a rational point of you, especially someone like yourself, as intelligent of a man that you are, would you not refute these claims as being preposterous. As a feminist if I stand up saying that I want equal rights as a man, basically stating that I am equal to a man in every way, keeping that statement in mind, then why am I not equal to a man in punishment.

We, the Pakistani Community of Greater Seattle, request you to look at this case from a critical point of view and hope and pray that you won’t pay any heed to hypocritical and obnoxious statements.

We also hope and pray that you, Respected Sir, will use your position of influence for Justice and stand in solidarity with Mr. Shaukat Mukadam at this time of need. Noor awaits her justice from you, Sir. Please, Do not let her down.

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