Peek Freans Sooper Celebrates Ramadan with #ShukarKaAikPal

Karachi: 27th April, 2021 – From the joy one finds in a child’s hug, to the comfort of having your soul mate with you to a house that echoes with the laughter of friends and family – these simple joys of life leave us in awe of the countless blessings we have. One can’t help but then say; “Iss karam ka karun Shukr kesay ada.”

In keeping with this sentiment, English Biscuit Manufacturers (EBM), under the banner of its leading brand, Sooper, has come up with a heart-warming campaign titled ‘Dua-e-Shukr’; an initiative Implemented with the sole objective to express gratitude for the Almighty’s countless blessings.

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Through the campaign, EBM is engaging consumers primarily through mainstream media and evoking a realization of Shukr for the relationships and moments that truly matter, a sentiment that carries special significance during this month of Ramadan and this global pandemic. Every day after Iftar, as people sit down with their cups of tea, Peek Freans Sooper serves as the perfect complement to celebrate these blessings.

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EBM’s Managing Director & CEO – Dr. Zeelaf Munir stated that: “We want to join the nation in their Ramadan celebrations, a time when everyone feels closer to their Creator. This year’s Ramadan is an extraordinary opportunity to thank Allah for keeping us and our loved ones safe, especially during a global health-crisis. We hope to reunite over the coming years and be able to interact freely, as a healthy society, once again. Therefore, EBM urges every Pakistani to offer a special Dua, and be grateful with #ShukarKaAikPal.

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