President Ashraf Ghani removes Afghan Army Chief from his post

Lahore, 11th August: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has removed Afghan Army Chief, General Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai following the defeat of the military by the Taliban.

According to details, General Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai has been removed as Afghanistan Army Chief on Wednesday by Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani. Reports say Gen. Hebatullah Alizai has now been appointed the new army chief by the Afghan President.

Afghanistan: Ninth Afghan city falls to Taliban

According to credible sources, the decision to remove Army Chief Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai was taken by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani after the Afghan Taliban seized two more key cities, including Farah, the capital of Farah province, and Baghlan province. The capital, Pul-e-Khumri, was captured, bringing the number of major cities conquered to nine since Friday.

According to the foreign news agency, the Afghan Taliban entered Farah city after a brief battle with the Afghan security forces and captured the governor’s house, police headquarters and the province’s central jail. Another adjacent border crossing was captured, as Afghan forces retreated to a military base outside the city.

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Furthermore, the Afghan Taliban managed to capture Pul-e-Khumri after a maximum of 2 hours of fighting. The Afghan Taliban have captured 9 out of 34 provincial capitals of the country in a week, after which it is said that the Afghan Taliban have taken over 65% of the country.

Earlier this week, the Afghan Taliban reportedly conquered Kunduz and Takhar, and now have almost complete control of the 378-kilometer road linking Kabul to Badakhshan, the main route for passenger transport and trade.

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The source said that the victory of Pul-e-Khumri is also being given importance because the city is close to Kabul and this means that the war is now knocking on the door of the country’s capital which is a problem for the Afghan government. 

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