Sushant Singh was suffering through Paranoia and Bipolar disorder

Mumbai, 14th July: Mumbai Police has claimed that the late Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput was suffering from Paranoia and Bipolar disorder.

According to reports from the Indian media, the police on the condition of anonymity has revealed that the actor was admitted to the Hinduja Hospital for a week for his treatment.

Sushant Singh Rajput left the world last month leaving his fans grieved over his sudden demise. It is reported that the actor hanged himself in his house.

Sushant Singh’s murder linked with Dawood Ibrahim?

Many controversies have erupted after his sudden suicide. However, the police are carrying out comprehensive investigations in this regard.

Many people are suspecting that it was not a suicide, rather he was murdered by some bigwigs of the Bollywood. Underworld Don, Dawood Ibrahim is also being suspected to be involved in Sushant’s murder.

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Now, the top police involved in the investigation of Sushant Singh Rajput have spoken up. On the condition anonymity, he has revealed that Sushant was admitted to Hinduja Hospital for a week. Giving insights into the investigation he informed that the Bandra Police have been investigating this case for about 4 weeks and have also questioned about 3 dozen people.

This officer claims that Sushant was suffering from two dangerous states of depression- Paranoia and Bipolar disorder. Before the lockdown, he was also admitted to the Hinduja Hospital for a week for the treatment of these disorders.

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Sushant’s Mother Was Also Suffering From Depression:

It is reported that Sushant Singh lost his mother when he was 16 years and that his mother was also suffering from depression and undergoing treatment. Sushant has four sisters all of whom live separately and his father lives alone in Bihar. It was revealed through investigations that Sushant Singh lead a lonely and depressive life.

Sushant Was Suffering From Paranoia Claims Police:

According to this police officer, Sushant was also going through Paranoia a condition where a person feels that everyone hates him. Many times in solitude, a person feels as if someone will kill him too.

Why Was Sushant Singh Going Through Depression?

The police also claimed that he had a bipolar personality. Sometimes he was under stress and sometimes he was full of confidence. He was unable to control his behavior and led a confused life.

However, such claims raise many questions. Was Sushant’s family aware of the disorder he was going through? Any of his friends in Bollywood ever knew about his mental health? If yes then why didn’t anyone help Sushant? Why isn’t the CBI inquiry being conducted in this case?

There are many unsolved pieces to this puzzle that need to be solved soon. Only the final report by Bandra Police can unfold the mystery behind Sushant’s death.

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