Senior official of PEMRA dismissed over harassment allegations

Kashmala Tariq, Federal Ombudsperson for Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplaces ruled on Thursday that a senior official of the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) would be expelled from service on accounts of sexually harassing a female employee and paying Rs 2 million in compensation to her.

In her request, Tariq expressed that a lady, who was working at Pemra’s settle in Islamabad on an unforeseen premise, had documented an internet based protest with the ombudsperson on January 20, 2020, blaming one for Pemra’s chiefs general, Haji Adam, of pestering her.

Citing the complainant, the request said when she declined “sexual blessings” to Adam, his conduct turned “discourteous, sickening and disparaging” towards her.

“Bringing every one of the bits of proof together the complainant has demonstrated her charge that [Adam] physically bugged her [at] her working environment on November 11, 2019,” the request said.

Then again, Adam neglected to prove his position that he had been dishonestly ensnared for the situation by the complainant “at the induction and trick of another person”, it added.

The ombudsperson said move was to be made against Adam under the Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act, 2010, and coordinated that he be excused from administration and pay Rs2m in remuneration to the complainant.

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She additionally proclaimed another Pemra official, Fakhruddin Mughal as having been shown to be “a facilitator” of Adam, and decided that he, as well, was to confront activity under the Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act, 2010. Tariq requested Mughal’s downgrade alongside an installment of Rs 500,000 in pay to the complainant.

Senior official of PEMRA dismissed over harassment allegations

Besides, the ombudsperson said in her request:

“I consider it fundamental to ask the Pemra top administration to establish a long-lasting badgering board to investigate, test and choose provocation cases, and furthermore introduce CCTV cameras at obvious spots to screen the exercises of staff at the work environment.”

“Essentially, I would likewise like the administration to show [the] implicit rules and guideline[s] of FOSPAH (Federal Ombudsperson Secretariat for Protection against Harassment) [in] normal regions,” it added.

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The ombudsperson guided the Pemra the executives to present a consistent report inside seven days subsequent to getting the request.

Tariq had before requested Adam’s suspension for the situation on February 4, 2020.

As indicated by Samaa, Adam had then moved toward the President’s Secretariat against the choice, however his solicitation was not engaged. Adam then, at that point, went to the Islamabad High Court, the report said.

The court “passed a decision asking the ombudsperson to give a legitimate hearing to the two sides prior to passing a talking request inside 15 days,” it added. “By August 28, [2020], Kashmala Tariq maintained her choice to suspend him (Adam) to keep him from impacting the examination.”

In her request on Thursday, Tariq said Adam moved toward various gatherings against her underlying choice which was one reason for the postponed choice for the situation.

“Whenever broke down, genuinely, the obligation of such [a] delay intensely lies upon the charged in light of the fact that he continued to move the case record from one gathering to the next,” the ombudsperson expressed.

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