T20 World Cup: Shaniera Akram reveals who she is cheering for in today’s semifinal

Nov 11, 2021: Shanira Akram’s timeline was run with guesses and suggestions when she tweeted asking who she would encourage in today’s Pakistan-Australia semi-final.

Earlier, a fan tagged Fakhr Alam, who hosts the sports show The Pavilion, covering the world cup live with a panel of experts including Wasim Akram, and asked if Wasim could tell them all who his wife, Shanira, was supporting in a high voltage match in Dubai. 

Although the fans did not get any answer from Wasim, Shaniera paid immediate attention to this question. But instead of immediately revealing whose side she was on, she asked a question on Twitter, asking her followers what they thought of it.

Some users advised Shaniera to support only her husband, and others suggested Shaniera speak to Sania Mirza about it. Since India packed up after failing to book the semi-final berth, Sania has only her husband, all-rounder Shoaib Malik, to cheer on in the stands.

She was told by a great number of followers to support Australia without the fear of being trolled, but her loyalties appear to lie with Pakistan.

“My answer is I’d love PAK to win because nothing would make me happier than to see the cricket fanatic country I have grown to love go the distance,” Shaniera tweeted. “Lifting a T20 World Cup would be a dream come true for Pakistan!”

The wife of Pakistan’s favourite cricketing legend added, however, that she would be equally happy if Australia won the game.

Shaniera’s fans have expressed their gratitude to her for “great support” towards Pakistan, and a few of them have called her answer “diplomatic” and quipped that their Aussie bhabhi is wishing both her “maika” and “sasural”.

Pakistan and Australia will take to the pitch at 7pm today.

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