Taliban Enter Afghan Capital Kabul: Officials Report

Lahore, 15th August: Officials have reported that the Taliban have entered the Afghan capital, Kabul from all sides.

According to reports from the Afghan Interior Ministry, the Taliban on Sunday made entry into the outskirts of Kabul, as the US and European Union staff sought safety.

According to reports from BBC News, the officials who wanted not to be named said there hadn’t been any fighting yet and the Taliban have made peaceful entry into the capital.

Breaking: President Ashraf Ghani Ready To Leave Afghanistan

As per details, the Taliban fighters were in the districts of Kalakan, Qarabagh and Paghman.

According to reports from international media, the government offices have been sending workers home early on Sunday as military helicopters buzzed overhead.

Meanwhile, a Nato official reported that many EU staffers have been moved to a safer, undisclosed location in Kabul.

Furthermore, a Taliban leader issued orders to refrain from violence in the capital city and to allow safe passage to anyone seeking to leave to safe areas.

Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh flees from Kabul

Earlier, the Taliban took control of the eastern Afghan city Jalalabad without putting up a fight on Sunday. After this, the Taliban have taken over the control of the road leading to Pakistan city of Peshawar.

On the other hand, US officials told Reuters on Sunday that the United States has started evacuating diplomats from its embassy in Kabul.

meanwhile, sources revealed that President Ashraf Ghani will flee to the United States after stepping down from the Afghan Presidency as he has recorded a resignation message that was to be released on Saturday (yesterday).

How far are the Afghan Taliban from Kabul?

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