Taliban Spokesman Zabehulah Mujahid To Appear In Front Of Media For The First Time

Zabehulah Mujahid, the spokesperson of Afghan Taliban, will appear on media for the first time, after reports suggest that he is likely to hold a live press conference on Afghan National Television in Kabul today.

According to the details, Zabehulah Mujahid, who has never appeared on any television screen or social media, will now reveal his identity after successfully gaining control of Kabul. Reports suggest that the Taliban spokesperson will hold a live press conference in Kabul later today.

In the press conference, Zabehulah Mujahid will brief the Afghan nation on the situation after occupying of Kabul and will also give a plan of action for the future.

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It is to be noted that Afghan Taliban spokesperson Zabehulah Mujahid is in touch with national and international media and also gives interviews at various times. Moreover, he is also active on Twitter but no picture of him has surfaced as of now.

Zabehulah Mujahid has also given an exclusive interview to senior journalist and anchorperson Mubasher Lucman, in which he made important revelations regarding the ongoing situations in Afghanistan. Baaghi TV learnt from its sources that Zabehulah Mujahid reached Kabul earlier today after the Afghan Taliban successfully gained control of Kabul.

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It should be noted that the Taliban reached Kabul yesterday after which former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country. The Taliban is in control of Kabul, other important government buildings have also been taken over by them. The law and order situation in the city is better now and the they are patrolling the streets and instructing the people to cooperate with each other.

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Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar while congratulating on the victory of Kabul said that the entire Muslim nation of Afghanistan especially the citizens of Kabul congratulate on the victory. This success has been achieved with the help and support of Allah. Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, while congratulating on the victory of Kabul, said that the real test and trial of the Taliban has now begun. They will serve the Afghan people and set an example for the world to follow.

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