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Tensions remain high over killing of MQM activist, business centers closed

Tensions remain high over killing of MQM activist, business centers closed #Baaghi

Tando Allahyar: Tensions remain high in the city over the killing of Muttahida Qaumi Movement – Pakistan (MQM-P) activist Khalil-ur-Rehman Khanzada, business centers closed.

In the Sindh city of Tando Allahyar, the public is mourning the murder of MQM-Pakistan activist Khalil-ur-Rehman Khanzada alias Bhulu Khanzada. Business activity has come to a standstill and #JusticeforKhalilurRehman is on top trend on Twitter.

According to details, after the assassination of MQM-P activist Khalil-ur-Rehman Khanzada, tensions remain high in the city. All the small and big business centers are closed and traffic is also suspended. Police have registered two separate cases of burning cars and motorcycles in front of the Auxiliary (Special Police) Office, in section-A.

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One lawsuit has been filed by the government, while the other has been registered under complaint by the police officials. According to reports, the cases have been filed in concern of setting vehicles on fire as a protest of the murder. In which more than 10 persons have been named. However, 30 unknown individuals are included. Provisions have been made in the cases for rioting, vandalism, spreading fear, and panic.

Omer Kaimkhanii, a social media user wrote, “Tando Allahyar police torture women. Now, who gave this right to the police? These policemen should be suspended and punished.

According to Baaghi TV reports, the police conducted a crackdown for the arrest of the vandals, during which several people were arrested, following which local women protested. In response, the police charged the men and women with batons. In addition, the women chanted slogans against the police and after the baton charge, tensions escalated.

Social media users are calling for the suspension and punishment of police officers involved in abusing women protestors, in the wake of the video going viral. On the other hand, #JusticeforKhalilurRehman is a top trend on Twitter, in which a demand to punish the murderers is being made. 

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Hassan Choudhary, a social media user wrote, “He was just killed because he was against the parties of Sindhi Nationalists who wanted Sindhudesh. He was killed because he was loyal to Muhajir Nation and Pakistan #JusticeForKhalilurRehman”.

Another wrote, “#JusticeForKhalilurRehman #weneedjustice Justice for a legend”.

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Arshad Ali Rao tweeted, “Shame on #tandoallahyar Police, what kind of justice is this? Instead of trying to apprehend the killers and masterminds of the murder, houses of #Mohajir community are being raided & police torturing & beaten the women & children. This is so disgusting #JusticeForKhalilurRehman”.

Another social media user wrote, “This is not Kashmir, this is the city of Sindh Tando Allahyar. Where the unarmed youth in front of the court yesterday, Bhulu Khanzada was martyred by the STP terrorist who fired a Kalashnikov. When the relatives went out to protest for the arrest of the killers, the biased Sindh police were brutally torturing the women.”

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One Twitter user wrote, “You will know that Sindh is at the forefront against changing the system of Pakistan. Bhutto’s dirty generation sees their kingdom in danger. Wherever anyone writes against these Sindhi leaders, they are killed by the police and mercenaries like Uzair Baloch.”

Social media user by the name Dr. Dexter wrote, “Even if a fly (Mohajir) dies, the city would be closed. Today again a fly was martyred in front of the court and law enforcement agencies. But, there is no need to worry now, there is no one to raise voice for the fly (Mohajir) today. All be quiet and wait your turn.”

One other social media user wrote, “Despite all the evidence and being caught red-handed, how the killer is roaming free with Qadir Magsi’s son. This is a question mark for law enforcement and justice providers!”

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Social media user, Saeed Moeen Chishti wrote, “Bhulu Khanzada’s killers are not being caught. However, arrests of Mohajir workers continue. SP Rukhsar Khawar is trying to divert the case to cover up the facts. A total of 15 outposts were also set on fire by terrorists of Jiye Sindh who are so far free. #JusticeForKhalilurRehman”.

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