Therapy Works counter allegations in Noor Mukadam murder case

Lahore, 29th July: Renowned psychotherapy center, Therapy Works in Islamabad claims to take legal action for defamatory accusations made against them in media regarding the Noor Mukadam case.

A couple of days ago the counseling center came under scrutiny following the murder of 27-year-old Noor Mukadam by Zahir Jaffer in Islamabad.

Soon after the news of the gruesome murder broke in media, it emerged that Zahir Jaffer, the accused was reportedly a certified psychotherapist with Therapy Works.

People also alleged that the organization falsely claims to be affiliated with an internationally accredited agency.

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Several people shared their troubling experiences of being harassed at the center and by their therapists on many occasions.

On Saturday last week, Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqaat announced to seal the Therapy Works Islamabad office following the arrest of the murderer Zahir Jaffer.

However, on Tuesday, Therapy Works issued a statement to counter false allegations. They said, “We are being subjected to unfounded vitriol and baseless and false allegations.

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Therapy Works also said that the false allegations are causing agony to its students, staff members, patients, and their family members.

They further wrote that they stand with the family of the victim and will spare no effort to facilitate the investigation so that the culprit could be punished.

Therapy Works clarified that no staff of theirs has been arrested or detained. They said that their international credentials have been submitted to concerned authorities.

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However, they said any disclosure of the facts prior to the conclusion of the investigation would result in prejudicing the case. Hence, they refrained from commenting on any aspect of the investigation.

The organization added that they will issue a detailed statement as soon as the situation permits.

Therefore, they announced that both civil and criminal legal action will be taken against those who have falsely defamed the organization.

Therapy Works comes under scrutiny following Noor Mukadam’s murder

Read the official statement by Therapy Works’ on their Twitter page:

It is to be noted that on July 20, the daughter of an ex-diplomat, Noor Mukadam was brutally murdered and beheaded by a businessman named Zahir Jaffer in Islamabad. The accused who was arrested from the murder site is under police remand.

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