‘Urban Trend’ a startup by young girls

Lahore, 12th July: A group of young entrepreneurs from Lahore Grammar School has recently started it’s very own clothing line in Lahore.

A couple of girls have come up with the idea of starting their own clothing line with the brand name ‘Urban Trend’.

Their band designs t-shirts that depict art and nature along with those about popular series.

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They are selling premium quality shirts at very reasonable prices. They are giving 50% off on the booking of the items before the 1st of August.

Not only do they offer shirts that they have designed but also take orders for customized t-shirts such as designing shirts for events, shirts with names, and logos as well. They are open to negotiating the price with customers according to their demand.

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Among the innovative ideas of ‘Urban Trend’, one is to offering people jobs where they will get a commission on every shirt they sell. These girls describe this job as one that does not require a lot of hard work or time, making it easy for students to pursue it.

To get yourselves this job you can message them on their Instagram page.


They have an Instagram page, click on the link below to view:

The idea of their business is to use the low capital investment to start up a small business with better revenue.

We should try to help these girls with their business in order to encourage them to keep it going as this is the future of Pakistan!

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