US Embassy shattered Zahir Jaffer’s hopes of rescue

Lahore, 27th July: Any hope of rescue by the murderer Zahir Jaffer in Noor Mukadam’s murder case has gone down the drain after a recent tweet by the US Embassy Islamabad.

According to details, the United States Embassy in Islamabad sent out a clear message on Tuesday and said that the embassy can not facilitate any US citizen abroad in court proceedings.

The US Embassy in Islamabad shared the message a while ago on its official Twitter page. It said that US citizens, in a foreign country must abide by that country’s laws.

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The US Embassy tweeted, “When Americans are arrested abroad, the Embassy can check on their well-being and provide a list of lawyers, but cannot provide legal advice, participate in court proceedings or effect their release.”

Hence, making it clear that Zahir Jaffer, a US resident will not get any kind of help from the US embassy as they can not interfere in his legal matters in Pakistan.

Noor Muqaddam Murder Case: What Actually Happened?

It is to be noted that Zahir Jaffer, a businessman in Islamabad was arrested for brutally murdering 27-year-old Noor Mukadam, daughter of an ex-diplomat.

It is pertinent to mention here that Zahir Jaffer is under police custody, whereas his parents along with a cook and his guard have been sent on a 1 4-day judicial remand to Adiala jail.

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Noor Mukadam Case: Zahir Jaffer’s parents sent to Adiala jail