US will have to recognize Taliban’s Govt. in Afghanistan: PM Khan

US will have to recognize Taliban's Govt. in Afghanistan: PM Khan

Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said that sooner or later the United States (US) will have to recognize the Taliban government, now the US is looking for scapegoats, unfortunately Pakistan is one of them.

According to details, in an interview with Turkish TV, PM Khan stated:

“The Taliban would decide to recognize the government in consultation with the neighbors, only recognizing the Taliban government of Pakistan would not make a difference. We believe in dialogue for peace, dialogue is the only way forward, the question is when the United States will recognize the Taliban, hopefully the United States will recognize the Afghan government.”

Referring to Afghanistan, PM Khan said that there is chaos in Afghanistan and the Afghan people will be harmed, we have to find a solution to the problem and think about the Afghan people. He also reiterated the history of Afghanistan and claimed:

“The history of Afghanistan is closely related to the history of Pakistan. There are Pakhtuns in Afghanistan and Pakistan across the border. Pakhtun tribes fight among themselves but face external threats together. Pakhtuns sympathize with Taliban because they are Pakhtuns.”

While regarding President Biden, the PM said that it was unjust to target President Biden. In the current situation, he had no choice. If the Taliban occupied Afghanistan, it would shock the United States.

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Imran Khan recalled:

“After 9/11, the US position was ridiculous that if not with us, they are against us, it was understood that those who criticize US policies are against the US, the American people are unaware of the situation in Afghanistan. Our currency had lost half of its value in 2008. It was painful for us to make sacrifices on the Afghan situation. No one is responsible for the Afghan situation but Pakistan. They are 50% of the Pakhtun population.”

While referring to the coalition government in Afghanistan, Pm Imran Khan said that a comprehensive government means a stable Afghanistan, we want to see a stable Afghanistan, we do not want to impose anything on the coalition government, the idea of ​​controlling Afghanistan from outside is illusory. The people cannot be controlled, there is a decentralized democracy, the Afghan people are very democratic. He continued:

“The head of our intelligence agency is in touch with his American counterparts, US President Joe Biden is under pressure at the moment, collective loss has increased hatred against US in Afghanistan, any positive role has been played and the situation will be like after US and Russia withdrawal.”

The PM also talked about the Pak Army’s operation in North Waziristan, he stated:

“The security forces conducted an operation in North Waziristan in 2014, with the help of Afghan and Indian agencies against the anti-Pakistan terrorists in Afghanistan. Our army is experienced and well organized. The drone strikes are not suitable for combating terrorism, drone strikes cause more harm to civilians and hatred increases due to deaths of civilians, now the situation is not the same as before, drone strikes are not happening.”

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Referring to the talks with the banned TTP, he said that talks were underway to disarm the banned TTP, some groups of the banned TTP wanted to talk to the government, in this regard we are in touch with some groups of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan.

The PM also stated that there is no military solution to the problem of Afghanistan. If you surrender, you will be forgiven. You can live like a normal citizen. The Afghan Taliban are helping in the talks with the banned TTP. We are also talking to the militants.

As for India, Imran Khan added:

“India’s attitude towards human rights groups should be seen. We have highlighted Indian human rights violations everywhere. We should talk about them where 8 million Kashmiri people are imprisoned in open jails. The world powers should talk about Kashmiris.”

Regarding Pak-China relations, the Prime Minister said, “I have met the Chinese Prime Minister three times. I expect to meet the Chinese President in the coming days. Our relations with China span 70 years. The Chinese President was visiting here.”

Referring to the Corona epidemic, PM Khan said that it has affected economic activities all over the world, poverty in India increased due to Corona, while the inflation in Pakistan is due to imported goods.

To address the opposition, the PM said:

“The opposition is a collection of different types of people, two families returned to the country for 30 years, both families are currently in turmoil. The opposition is fighting for its survival. I know that the people are facing difficulties due to inflation but it is temporary,”

“The opposition is divided and is working for its own interests, the opposition is political limited companies,” added the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

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