Indian Conspiracy against Pakistan Debunked

Indian-Conspiracy-against-Pakistan-Debunked #Baaghi

Today, in the world of automation, conspiracy and propaganda are considered the most lethal weapon. In this regard, no action is taken by the international community against the countries that pose a serious threat to regional and global peace and security in Cyber Sphere. However, many countries are creating so many problems through propaganda and circulating fake news.

Additionally, India is one of the most notorious countries that use mainstream and social media to spread fake news with the intent to discredit Pakistan’s efforts and sacrifices for peace and stability in the region.

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On the one hand, Afghanistan’s instability in the region is a major and serious issue at the moment, which is being addressed not only by countries within the region but also by forces outside the region in an effort to somehow regularize Afghanistan as soon as possible. While, on the other hand, despite all this, a country in the region is not shying away from pursuing its nefarious intentions even in these circumstances. This is the same India that never misses an opportunity to defame Pakistan.

In the recent past, India has used and continues to use all sorts of tactics to destabilize Pakistan, from spreading false news and information to carrying out acts of sabotage. As far as spreading false news and information is concerned, the report of the EU Disinfo Lab in this regard is eye-opening in which (NGOs) used to negatively influence the views of the United Nations and the European Union on Pakistan.

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India also used the name of Louis B. Sohan, an international human rights scholar, after his death. In the name of Professor Sohan, who died in 2006, these things were spread only to tarnish Pakistan’s image that had nothing to do with him. A fresh episode in this regard took place by India last month due to which the New Zealand cricket team abruptly gone back home without playing the scheduled match.

In order to thwart the New Zealand cricket team Tour to Pakistan, a fake Facebook account was created by India in the name of a spokesperson of the banned outfit to withdraw the team from touring Pakistan. According to the Federal authorities’ of Pakistan, the account from which the threat was made was fake and made in India.

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Furthermore, On August 19, 2021, a post was made from this account in the name of Ehsanullah Ehsan in which it was said that if the New Zealand cricket team came to play in Pakistan, the people of ISIS could target it. Interestingly, two days after this post, on August 21, 2021, the bureau chief of the Indian newspaper “The Sunday Guardian” Abhinandan Mishra published an article in which it was said that the New Zealand cricket team could face a terrorist attack in Pakistan. Now it is pertinent to mention here, that the article was based on a fake post by Ehsanullah Ehsan. Moreover, Abhinandan Mishra, who is the bureau chief of the newspaper has strong ties with former Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh.

According to authorities, on August 24, 2021, the wife of New Zealand opener Martin Guptill received a threatening e-mail naming a banned outfit with an e-mail ID saying that Martin Guptill will be killed in Pakistan. Meanwhile, only one email has been generated from this email account so far. This email ID was created on Proton Mail, a secure mail service, so no details are available.

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In this connection, Pakistan has contacted Interpol and requested to provide the details of this email ID and how this email was created. Later, on September 18, 2021, Interpol Wellington informed Interpol Islamabad about a post in the name of Hamza Afridi which was published at 6:25 New Zealand time, and according to Pakistan, the time was set at 11:25 pm on September 17, in which the New Zealand cricket team was threatened that they had made a mistake by visiting.

It should be noted, a review of the e-mail revealed that it was sent from a device in India, which was relocated to Singapore via VPN. The device from which this e-mail was sent has 13 more IDs containing all Hindi names and was created under the names of the Hindi film industry, drama, and music. Only one name, Hamza Afridi, was different from the one used to indicate that the email was generated from Pakistan. The mobile device used for e-mail was launched in India in August 2019. The mobile SIM was registered in the name of Om Prakash Mishra on September 25, 2019, its user has also been confirmed. Om Prakash Mishra used Hamza Afridi’s fake ID from Mumbai Maharashtra.

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Hence, it is finalized that above mentioned all information makes sound clear that India is behind the threat to the New Zealand team and is doing all this to discredit and destabilize Pakistan in the world. The International Cricket Council (ICC) and other international bodies should take concrete action against India on the basis of this information, otherwise, it would create problems not only for Pakistan but also for other countries in the region to achieve its nefarious goals.

However, in my opinion, this Indian ambition to defame Pakistan needs to be included in the agenda of the current annual session of the General Assembly so that world leaders are fully aware of Indian conspiracies to undermine regional and global peace and security and made them able to come up with a solid plan of action.

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In conclusion, international bodies should keep in mind, that in these circumstances they are also primarily responsible as they did not take any concrete action against India in the past, despite all the evidence and proof.

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