Valorant finally introduced the new agent, CHAMBER!

Riot Games and Community Gaming Joins Forces!

Chamber, the next sentinel agent, appearing in VALORANT on November 16, has been unveiled by Riot Games. Weapon designer Chamber is a “well dressed and well-armed” Frenchman with a lethal armoury.

It’s clear that this “gentlemen assassin” is someone who appreciates the finer things in life and considers every little detail before setting up his shot. Chamber’s exciting skillset since he possesses two unique weapons ideal for controlling a territory all by himself.

Players can use Chamber’s Trademark ability to set up a trap that looks for nearby adversaries. When an adversary gets within range of the trap, it begins counting down and bursts, causing havoc in its wake. A “lingering field that slows players trapped in it” is created as a result.

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It provides Chamber with an ADS-capable heavy pistol with the Headhunter skill. Players may approach pistols or save bullets differently now that they have this option as a backup. If Chamber has the Rendezvous ability, she can plant two teleport anchors at the same time.

Players can reactivate an anchor to teleport to a different anchor if they’re within range of it. The ability to take up and redeploy anchors is also available.

A strong specialised sniper rifle that can take out an adversary with one direct hit is summoned by Chamber as part of his Tour de Force ability. When you kill an adversary, you leave behind a lingering area, similar to the one created by the Trademark ability.

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Riot Games released a frightening teaser image of a golden circle with a spinning light on Tuesday, October 26. One more teaser image appeared the following day, depicting a bullet whizzing through the air. Fans can now go back and see how Riot teased Chamber during the game’s development.

The Patch 3.10 update, which will include Chamber, will be made available on November 16, two weeks into Episode Three, Act Three.

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