Which most dangerous disease has spread across Israel post COVID-19 vaccine

According to Baaghi TV, the dangerous Corona virus from China has spread around the world. The corona vaccine is being administered in many countries and there are reports of the effects of the vaccine.

After receiving the corona vaccine in Israel, at least 13 people became infected. According to a news agency, the process of corona vaccination is ongoing in Israel, one person has also died due to the corona vaccine, Pfizer, in Israel. The 75-year-old man was vaccinated by the American Pfizer company, which worsened his condition, Israeli Hebrew Radio reported. He was taken to hospital but did not die and died.

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The director general of the Israeli Ministry of Health, Hezi Levi, said that a person who was already suffering from chronic diseases, was vaccinated against coronavirus but did not survive. It was not immediately clear if the death was due to coronavirus vaccination or some other cause. However, it is being investigated. News of one person’s death spread like wildfire across the country after the vaccine was administered, raising concerns about the vaccine.

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So far, 20 percent of Israel’s population has been vaccinated. It is the fastest growing vaccinated country in the world. Officials in Israel say about 2 million people will be vaccinated with two doses of the corona vaccine by the end of January. A vaccine campaign was launched in Israel on December 19 in collaboration with the American pharmaceutical firm Pfizer and the German company Bioen Tech.

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