‘WHO offered me a bribe for poisoning coronavirus medicine’: Madagascar’s president claims

MADAGASCAR: Madagascar’s President Andry Rajoelina reveals that the World Health Organization offered him a 20 million bribe for poisoning the coronavirus medicine.

This important revelation was made by the president of the East African country of Madagascar, Rejeolina, in an interview to a newspaper. He said that the coronavirus is nothing more than a common disease.

Our country has developed herbal medicine at the local level which has completely cured the patients in 10 days. When we sent all the reports and the medicine to the World Health Organization, they said to take 20 million dollars and add poison to this medicine so that people stop using it.

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The president of Madagascar added that our medicine was rejected because it was made by an African country and if some European country would have produced it, the medicine would be accepted.

That’s why I’m saying, “We’re no longer members of the World Health Organization.”

The president of Madagascar added: “Give us a corona patient in front of the whole world. We will give 100% results from our medicine. Madagascar has named the medicine” COVID Organics “. Artemisia is a plant that was imported from China in the 1970s to treat malaria and it gives 100% results.


Big countries and businessmen want to make money from this medicine. After the excellent results of this medicine in Madagascar, other African countries are also increasingly importing this medicine.

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