Zulfi Bukhari to Follow PM’s Orders?


ISLAMABAD, August 6 (Online Int’l): Special assistant to Prime Minister for overseas Pakistanis and human resource development Zulfi Bukhari has said that he will not take more than 2 seconds to leave British citizenship if the Prime Minister say that he should do so.

He has said that our next 8 years will be the best for Pakistan and before it we were not going anywhere. For the next 8 years the opposition should find some job and work. Enough is enough. They have looted the country and now they should do some hard work .

Zulfi Bukhari has further said that they accused us that we will run at the first chance. I am in Pakistan and they ran away to London, their children have fled abroad. I am in Pakistan and their Iqamas are surfacing. On dual nationality he will not agree to Khawaja Asif’s speech but the decision should be made in this regard after a debate.

On what basis are 2,000,000 rupees coming to Khawaja Asif from another country, he inquired. My whole business is abroad but from where is the money coming to him? What type of work are they doing that he cannot declare it. The Special Assistant has said that he is with the Prime Minister and will always be with him, and we will continue to serve the country in whatever capacity we can, he added.

He held that he has come to Pakistan for ever and the Supreme Court has given a decision in his favour  on the issue of dual nationality. The law is very clear about it that it is not necessary for a Special Assistant to the Prime Minister to quit nationality of the other country. Even then if the Prime Minister  asks him to forsake his UK nationality he will not take more than two seconds to do so.

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