Bomb blasts in Baghdad—connecting dots between causality and results

Today’s deadly bomb blasts that have killed more than two dozen and critically wounded scores of civilians in the centre of Baghdad, have raised some incendiary questions—

1) Why they have happened within the 24 hours of Joe Biden’s presidency? Baghdad has been relatively calm and peaceful during the last couple of years. Even the situation remained under control after assassination of General Qasim Suleimani, last year.

It was normal during annual 20 million+ Arbaeen marches between Najaf and Karbala—despite repeated threats from Da’esh.

Why now?

2) Who are the perpetrators—a traditional blame on Al-Qaida, AQ in Arabian Peninsula, Da’esh/ISIS, al-Khorasan group or Al-Nusra Front?

3) Is it Mossad—that is always in direct contact/contract with the CIA?

During Trump’s four year rule—Mossad thrived exponentially. The Netanyahu-led Israel was over the moon during the Trump regime.

But an America under Joe Biden—BB Netanyahu fears to lose that special status vis-à-vis the White House.

Conversely—Barak Obama, John Kerry, Chuck Hagel, and even then UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond—all were openly critical about Israel, Netanyahu and Mossad.

They called Israel under Netanyahu as ‘part of the problem’ in the ME.

No doubt—Netanyahu’s administration is scared that new US foreign policy will be less supportive to its coercive regime.

The Palestinians may get an independent country, sooner—as promised by the previous Democrat administration in Washington.

4) Is it the Saudi intelligence (الاستخبارات العامہ) that was enjoying high interoperability romance with the Trump-led CIA and Netanyahu-controlled Mossad?

Prince MBS may be perturbed that after departure of his mentor—Donald Trump—his exorbitantly purchased ‘captaincy’ in the Middle East will be diluted. He might not ‘survive for two weeks’, without a US support—as Trump would usually caution KSA.

Both MBS and his jewish cousin Netanyahu anticipate that the Biden’s foreign policy team will reverse everything that Trump/Pompeo inflicted upon Iran during last four years—JCPOA, lifting of sanctions and engaging Jawad Zarif in business is very likely.

Can we then say the least that—the CIA, Mossad, and استخبارات are mentoring Da’esh, Al-Qaida and their sanguinary franchisees—to continue with the reign of terror and chaos?

Have they done it in Baghdad to show solidarity with outgoing Donald Trump/Jared Kushner and Pompeo—the lavish warmongers?

Is this the powerful lobby within the US DeepState that does NOT want withdrawal of the US troops from Iraq?

A strong US military deployment in Iraq, Manama and elsewhere in the ME is indispensable to the regime longevity of both—MBS and BB Netanyahu.

As per my understanding of Joe Biden’s foreign policy, the US troop drawdown in Iraq as well as Afghanistan—may be accelerated under President Biden.

I still remember—throughout his Vice-presidency, Joe Biden used to receive at the Dover Cemetery (Delaware) coffins of US soldiers coming from Afghanistan.

Surely, he will capitalise on US soft-power—instead of his predecessor’s ‘wargasm’.
But the dominant question is, who will be the losers if Joe Biden pulls out of the inveterate US militarism?

The answer is—

i) Two dozen American military contractors—earning billions from the business of war-waging,

ii) US arms/weapon manufacturers—making trillions from arm-sales,

iii) Pro-US money making Iraqi business-politicians—their position will be diluted,

iv) Pro-US Afghan business-politicians—they will lose power/influence/money,

v) Netanyahu will HAVE to make concessions to the Palestinians,

vi) MBS will have to stay within his limits. No more bullying of neighbouring countries—Qatar, Yemen, Syria and Iran.

*Hence, it does make sense that these potential losers of US troops drawdown in Iraq and Afghanistan—may go to any extent to keep these regions war-zones—so that the American army stays their, to look after their interests, indefinitely.

And bomb blasts are a means of retaining the US troops in these areas of eternal business/political interests.

In coming days/weeks—we shall see more bomb explosions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere.


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