CAIE’s unfair grading system in 2020

12th August: Ever Since the Cambridge Assessment International Education the CAIE has released grades they awarded the A Level and O Level students, there has been an uprising against the unfair grading system.

England, Scotland, and Wales have all criticized the board to be extremely tough on students, they have condemned the way CAIE has been so strict with all students. They have degraded many students based on the very tough marking criteria.

Some say that O level students have been graded leniently, but the majority of A level students have complained of unfair grading. It is difficult for everyone to understand how the CAIE has awarded grades, they say that it was done on the basis of class ranking and the previous record of how well the school performed in the previous years.

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This way those coming from schools that aren’t known for having outstanding grades previously have suffered immensely.

What is astonishing is that everyone expected the grading this year to be more lenient as the world is going through a very uncertain time and the children getting the results weren’t able to sit for the exams and truly be rewarded for their efforts.

Many times people skip their mocks and don’t take them seriously as they are preparing for the final exams and mostly because the universities don’t take mocks into consideration.

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Some schools asked the CAIE to award children on the basis of what they got in their mocks. The CAIE does not agree to this as they say that it will be highly unfair as some schools are lenient in grading mock exams, some are very tough, students can predict what questions will come in the exam and also because a fair number of students perform poorly in mocks but better in the final exam.

Many sources have identified that the CAIE has given very few As and A*s instead has downgraded those who were getting high grades.

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It is unclear whether they have taken into consideration that these grades are necessary for students who have conditional offers so they can meet the university’s requirements. However, it is heard that universities this year are being lenient with their conditions.

Other than UK places like Pakistan and UAE are also complaining about the grading system and many schools are appealing for a change in the grades awarded to students.

Many people are signing petitions, sailing the government officials, hashtags are trending on both Twitter and Instagram. Many memes have been made in just a few days about the grading system of the CAIE. This has left all students panicking about their future.

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The CAIE is currently making amendments to the grades sent to Scottish students as well as those in England and Wales.

England and Northern Ireland will be graded according to their school rankings and performance of the school and college in previous years.

Scotland has switched to using teachers’ predicted grades.

Wales is using AS level as an important part of calculating A level grades.

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