Abhinandan Varthaman awarded Vir Chakra to divert public attention?

Following the Indian government’s decision to award the Vir Chakra to Indian pilot Abhinandan Varthaman, experts are speculating that the purpose is to divert the attention of the Indian public from the realities. 

Pakistan has termed India’s claim of downing F-16 in February 2019 as baseless and fabricated. Foreign Office spokesman Asim Iftikhar said that India’s claim of downing F-16 before the arrest of an Indian pilot Abhinandan Varthaman is false, baseless, and fabricated.

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The Foreign Office spokesman said that the purpose of giving the award to the Indian pilot is to make the Indian people happy and to disassociate the disgrace that is the aftermath of the 2019 surgical airstrike. While the Pakistan Air Force shot down two Indian planes in broad daylight on February 27, 2019, an Indian MiG-21 was shot down in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

He said that the pilot of the wrecked Indian plane was captured by Pakistan and then released on goodwill. Sending the pilot back is evidence that Pakistan wants peace despite Indian bigotry. He said that international experts, US officials confirmed that no F-16 aircraft of Pakistan crashed on that day, the international and US experts carefully reviewed the stock of F-16 aircraft.

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The Foreign Office spokesperson said that awarding the honor to the Indian pilot was against military principles and values ​​and awarding the honor to the defeated Indian pilot was tantamount to making fun of him.

It should be noted that the Modi government gave the country’s third-biggest award to Abhinandan, a Pakistani ‘fantastic tea’ drinking pilot. Abhinandan Varthaman was awarded the “Vir Chakra Award” by Indian President Ram Nath Kaur yesterday for the downing of a Pakistani plane on February 27, 2019. According to Indian media, Abhinandan is the first pilot of a MiG-21 to shoot down an F-16. The Indian award ‘Vir Chakra’ is given to a soldier for his bravery in the face of the enemy during the war.

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It is to be noted that the incident which took place on February 27, 2019, has been presented in a distorted manner by the Indian media to give false good news. Modi government and media had claimed that Abhinandan had shot down a Pakistani F-16 plane, however, the international media had rejected the claim of shooting down a Pakistani plane. Later, the Indian Army itself declared the number of Pakistani planes complete.

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Two years ago, on February 27, the Pakistan Air Force shot down an Indian plane in its territory and the Indian pilot on board the plane jumped to safety. However, as soon as the pilot landed in Pakistani territory, the locals reportedly beat him up. The Pakistan Army rescued Abhinandan Varthaman from the clutches of the local civilians and once again saved his life by handing him over to India. The video of Abhinandan Varthaman drinking tea went viral as “Fantastic Tea”.

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