Investigation report came out regarding Junaid Jamshed’s plane crash

An investigation report regarding the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) ATR crash of renowned Naat singer Junaid Jamshed has also come to light.

According to the details, the most important part of the plane was broken before it took off, however, the other was faulty. The preliminary investigation report of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) ATR plane that crashed in 2016 was submitted to the government.

According to the report, when a PIA ATR aircraft flew from Chitral to Islamabad in December 2016, the stage one blade (PT 1) of the engine’s power turbine was broken and dislocated, causing the power turbine shaft to rotate, while OSG pin was also broken.

The investigation team suspects that the power turbine Stage One blade and the OSG pin had broken on the way to Chitral from Peshawar before the accident, but the plane was still diverted for the next flight.

PIA, CAA and ATC held responsible for Karachi plane crash

It is worth mentioning here that back in 2016, Pakistan’s leading investigative journalist, Mubasher Lucman, made shocking revelations regarding the ATR plane crash. On his program Khara Sach, Lucman had already held the national carrier, its management and the technical staff responsible for the crash.

The report states that a metallic analysis of the OSG pin in the United States revealed that it was incorrectly fitted during maintenance. The last maintenance of the aircraft took place in Canada where not only the OSG was modified but also the part number was changed.

During the flight, the malfunction started at 4:05 pm and 31 seconds.The malfunction was due to fuel contamination in the engine oil which combined with the broken OSG pin and power turbine stage one blade reduced the speed of the propeller after that the propeller electronic control malfunctioned.


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At 4:10 minutes and 34 seconds the engine number one failed and at 4:11 minutes and 53 seconds the OSG stopped working. The pilot of the ill-fated plane spotted a completely new type of malfunction that had never been seen before in ATR planes and the plane crashed at 4:20 at Havelian.

According to the report, the change in engine design was the fault of the manufacturer, who proposed a better design to correct it, but the PIA was unable to complete the repair of the aircraft in time, while the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) also did not properly monitor the process.

The interim report did not specify who was responsible for the crash, but did suggest that the crash was caused by technical glitches, poor maintenance and human shortcomings, and that PIA, the Civil Aviation Authority, the aircraft and the engine instrument company is held responsible.

Investigation Team Constituted on PIA plane crash
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It will take more time for the final report of the accident to come. It may be recalled that 48 passengers including renowned Naat singer Junaid Jamshed and his staff were killed in the accident that took place on December 7, 2016.

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