Man dies after guzzling soft drink in scorching heat

BEIJING: A young man lost his life after guzzling a 1.5 liter cold soft drink in scorching heat in China in just ten minutes to cool himself down.

According to foreign media reports, the young Chinese man drank one and a half liters of the soft drink in just ten minutes to give himself relief from the scorching heat.

Daily Mail states that six hours after drinking the soft drink, he suffered severe abdominal pain and swelling, after which he was taken to Chaoyang Hospital in Beijing. Drinking carbonated liquor too quickly had caused fatal damage, resulting in the young man dying, according to the doctors.

The young man had no other medical problems, but after drinking the soft drink, tests showed he had a fast heartbeat, low blood pressure, and rapid breathing.

CT scans revealed that he had got pneumothorax, which was caused by an abnormal presence of gas in his portal vein, which affected the blood supply to the liver and intestinal walls.

Doctors say the young man had allegedly got hepatic ischemia, also commonly known as “shock liver”, a type of injury caused by a lack of oxygen to organs.

The Daily Mail further added that medical personnel immediately tried to expel the gas from his digestive system. Medicines were provided to protect the patient’s liver and help stabilize other organs in order to avoid further damage, but it was too late.

According to the blood report, his liver was severely damaged and he died after 18 hours of treatment.

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