Military Aircraft Crashes Injuring At least 2 People

A military plane, T45 Goshawk fighter jet trainer, was North of the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base when two people on board ejected and the plane crashed in Lake Worth, Texas; multiple homes were destroyed while two people were left injured.

According to the Lake Worth Police Department, the military crash happened between the 4000 blocks of Tejas and Dakota trails. The neighborhood is a mile north of the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth, though it’s unclear where the plane was based.

According to the Fort Worth Fire Department, the two ejected were taken to the local hospital while three residents, injured, were treated on the spot. The authorities further stated, one of the occupants was burned by power lines and another landed in a tree while parachuting to the ground. While one of the military crew members was in critical condition, the other was in serious condition.

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A few eye witnesses came forward to tell the tale of the crash as well. Cara Camp, a woman who was driving down the road, states:

“I was in my car on [State Highway] 199 right in front of the donut shop when the pilot landed on the powerlines. While driving, I heard a loud explosion and debris was hitting the car.”

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While this was a by-passer, the resident of Tejas Trail, Kaitlyn Deramus said, “I’m having anxiety, but all I wanted to do was save those old ladies because I’ve known them since I was really, really, little.” This was her statement after helping her neighbors from the crash.

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