New Islamabad Airport portraying the CAA incompetence

Destruction at the New Islamabad Airport after torrential rain

New Islamabad Airport has been making headlines since its inauguration due to poor management situation and non-provision of facilities to passengers.

As a result, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and airport management have faced severe criticism right after the inauguration. Billions of rupees were spent to make faulty runways and terminals that leak incessantly. A serious technical mistake was made which severely restricts the airport’s capability to handle two concurrent flights at the same time.

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Islamabad witnessed pleasant weather after a heavy rain yesterday, however, the airport seemed to be at the losing end of it. Just as the rain caught pace, the airport’s floor started getting flooded with water. Not only that, the airport’s ceiling made with faulty material started to leak and later fell down exposing the Civil Aviation Authority’s poor construction work.

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Moreover the glass gate in the lounge collapsed and the other windows which were installed in the airport were damaged. The boarding bridge that carries passengers was severely damaged and its tin wall was broken on one side,the mobile tower in the airport parking lot could not withstand the strong winds and the ground collapsed.

This is a glaring example of mismanagement and faulty supervision of the Civil Aviation Authority. CAA must be probed for corruption and embezzlement in the construction of this mega disaster.

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CAA, the state regulatory body tasked with regulating aviation, failed miserably in criminal oversight in basic design provision such as insufficient spacing between two parallel runways rendering the airport incapable for simultaneous flight operations from parallel runways at peak hours or to handle an A-380, etc.

These flaws are because both the contractor and regulator lack qualified expertise well versed in commercial aviation requirements and specialization in airport design.

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Unfortunately, the CAA has been reduced to a dumping ground for retired services officers, lacking in skills and competence for oversight of such projects. It takes more than the skills of a pilot to serve as an advisor for aviation or perform the role of DG CAA.

Given the fact that the difference between military aviation and commercial aviation is as vast as that between a dentist and a cardiologist. Strict oversight by qualified specialists, approval of design, and the choice of contractors chosen to build an airport is very vital.


There is no lack of qualified and experienced specialists in Pakistan. However, it is a lack of political will, integrity and ethics of governance such as conflicts of interest, disregard for merit and failure to enforce accountability for wastage of public funds that haunts all development projects and their regulatory oversight in Pakistan.

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This is not the first time that Islamabad Airport has been damaged due to bad weather. Baaghi TV has earlier reported multiple incidents regarding the sub-standard material and mismanagement at the New Islamabad Airport.

All these flaws were just because of the incompetence and mismanagement of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The Government of Pakistan should take immediate and strict action against the authorities who are responsible for this damage.

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