‘Sweet Tooth’ owner raises the bar during pandemic

Lahore, 29th March: With the surging number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan, there is a shortage of protective gear for the para-medical staff. The nurses and doctors who are constantly on the frontline of the battle are facing a huge scarcity of the protective masks and the suit.

The shortage of facial masks occurred after the general public started panic buying when the people infected with the virus started escalating, and the prices of the masks and sanitizers increased exponentially.

Among the hoarders and profiteers, we have a good samaritan, Umer Hussain, the owner of a renowned food chain ‘Sweet Tooth’, and a blogger, who has taken upon himself the responsibility to make hazmat suits and protective gear for our doctors and nurses.

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He is bent upon in creating them following the footsteps of the western fashion designers. At least somebody from Pakistan has taken this step and thought about the benefit of others too apart from himself or his financial gain.

Umer Hussain is setting up the bar by creating protective suits for the para-medic staff at a very affordable price. He has shared through his posts two days ago on Facebook, about how he has set to work and converted his living room into a make-shift factory and how his Hazmat suits will cost low as compared to others?

What Umer Hussain is doing, is definitely the need of the hour and much appreciated in our country. After the western designers started to create protective gear in the US and Paris, nobody from the fashion industry in our country took up the challenge.

However, Umer Hussain who started out his business as a textile owner has taken up the challenge of helping his country in the crisis. Initially, according to him, he started sending food to the nurses and doctors in the hospitals who were working day in and out to treat the patients. Then he saw that the medical staff was facing a shortage of protective gear and set out to get the required for the staff but found a shortage in our country.

The next step that he took was amazing and worth appreciating, turning his house into a factory and creating a suit in a day was remarkable. He was able to stitch that suit at a very reasonable cost of Rs 82, while, according to him others are charging Rs 2500 for a single piece.

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He has also asked the people to support his cause and donate to help in making more suits for the doctors and nurses who are in direct contact with the coronavirus patients. The people of Pakistan being very generous will stand for this cause and not shy away from helping one person who has is setting an example for others.

He is not only helping by creating protective suits but also giving out free food as a good-will gesture to the poor people. All the Sweet Tooth food chains are serving as a pickup point for free food for the people who are not able to earn and provide food to their families. People should also come forward and assist him in this noble cause of him.

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In this tough time – the ghareeb are going to suffer the most ! If virus doesn't kill hunger will! All our Sweettooth will serve as pickup and drop off point for free food for people who can not afford or have lost their jobs. Anyone who wants to donate food from home can drop off and place at chillers placed outside each Sweettooth – so we can distribute ensuring food to people around us! Anyone who will donate even a piece of bread is entitled to a flat 50% off on any food he/she orders at Sweettooth whenever! In these times we need to act as a society and take care of people around us- We will be placing chillers outside each Sweettooth- so you can drop and they can pickup up! – Sealing it off and distributing maintaining a safe distance! Effective immediately -starting from All our locations in Lahore uptil Hunza ! Food is the least we can do ! May God help us through this- InshAllah! Sweettooth MM Alam Sweettooth DHA T block Sweettooth Heera Mandi Sweettooth Phase 6 Sweettooth Murree expressway Sweettooth Mushkpuri Sweettooth Attabad lake Sweettooth Karimabad Hunza Together we can 🙂 May others follow! #convid19 #corona #toughtimes #togetherb#onenation

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In two days period, he has created the Hazmat suits, packaged them and sold them at a very reasonable price to the Jinnah Hospital Lahore. His prototype has also been replicated by Birmingham as announced by him on his Facebook page.

Umer Hussain is one such person of our country who is not only giving statements for his publicity but actually doing something and making a name for himself in the history of our country.

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Another note-worthy person from Pakistan Fashion Industry is Asim Jofa, who has also started the kind gesture of making protective suits for the doctors and nurses. He is among the first designers to lend his support for this cause, like his counterparts from the western fashion industry including Gucci, Armani, Michael Costello and Christian Siriano who are working day and night to provide the face masks and Hazmat suits to the US authorities.

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