Why can’t an actor’s son become an actor? Ahad Raza Mir

Baaghi TV: Popular Pakistani actor Ahad Raza Mir gets candid in recent interview, questions, “A soldier’s son can become a soldier and a doctor’s son can become a doctor, so why can’t an actor’s son become an actor?”

Leading Pakistani actor Ahad Raza Mir says he turned to Pakistan because he was not getting the kind of work he wanted in Canada.

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Ahad Raza Mir, son of senior Pakistani actor Asif Raza Mir, is also a well-known actor in Pakistan showbiz industry. He has made a name for himself in the showbiz industry by starring in the drama series Yeh Dil Mera, Yaqeen Ka Safar, Ehd-e-Wafa and the film Parvaaz Hai Junoon.

Ahad Raza Mir has worked in Canada as a theater artist before working in the Pakistani showbiz industry. However, he came to Pakistan in 2015 and decided to pursue a career in the local showbiz industry. As much as Ahad Raza Mir is well-liked for his work, he also faces accusations of nepotism.

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In a recent interview, Ahad Raza Mir said that there are doctors whose children become doctors, people are in the army for generation, they are in politics and no one says anything but, as soon as an actor’s child performs better, everyone starts saying its nepotism.

Defending the allegation Ahad Raza Mir said, “It’s not like that. I think I work hard and I hope I work hard because that’s what I think is right and I don’t mind what people say because people have the right to ask questions, they have the right to say whatever they say”.

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When Ahad Raza Mir was asked about coming to Pakistan, he said that he has roots in Pakistan. My grandfather and father have been part of this industry, so, I think it was natural, now it is my time to work in this industry.

The actor added, “But another reason that drew me to Pakistan was the skin”. I know this is a very strange reason but the fact is that it was a matter of skin. Although the beauty of the theater is that it is colorblind, it doesn’t matter but still, I didn’t get the chance to do what I wanted to do”.

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“I used to get certain roles while working in the theater in Canada, which was like you have to play the role of a terrorist,” said Ahad Raza Mir. “You were given the role of an ideal Indian. To which I would say, man, this is not the job I came for”.

According to the actor, I thought this was not the case. It’s beyond my comprehension, and because the characters didn’t suit me, I turned down several characters in Toronto. Then my father said why don’t you go to Pakistan? And then I came to Pakistan.

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It should be noted that Ahad Raza Mir was married to actress Sajal Ali last year. Together they are considered a beautiful couple of the Pakistan showbiz industry.

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