Why do people have a headache while fasting? How can it be avoided?

As soon as Ramadan comes, the routine most people maintain for eleven months changes abruptly. At present, the fast is usually between fourteen to fifteen hours long in hot weather, due to which some people complain of headaches before the breaking of the fast. 

Headache caused by fasting is felt towards the front of the forehead. It is not as severe as the usual pain, but for people who suffer from migraine, this pain is severe. In addition, people who suffer from recurrent headaches in normal life are more likely to have headaches caused by fasting.

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According to medical experts, there are several major causes of headaches in most people during Ramadan, including waking up for sahoor [sehri], missing breakfast, lack of sleep and not getting the nutrition that is need. Causes of headaches include sudden loss of caffeine in the blood of people who consume more caffeine on a normal day and not eating due to fasting. According to medical experts, the causes of headaches include not drinking plenty of water after breaking the fast in Ramadan. Dehydration, constipation, not drinking enough water and fasting again, lower blood pressure which leads to headaches.

In addition, the causes of headaches during fasting are hypoglycemia. Usually when a person does not eat for a long time, the amount of sugar in his blood starts to fall below the normal amount which is present in the head, this can cause pain but according to experts, this may not be a definitive reason because often when the amount of sugar in the blood is at a normal level, it can still be a headache. Advice from experts can be taken advantage of to prevent such headaches.

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According to experts, while preparing oneself for Ramadan, one should reduce appetite prior to fasting and avoid eating anything extra. To avoid headaches during Ramadan, the use of hot drinks such as coffee and tea should also be reduced. Moreover, smokers should refrain from smoking cigarettes.

According to experts, to protect the body from dehydration, one should drink a glass of water every half hour or an hour instead of drinking too much water at once after Iftar. Reduce the use of computer, mobile, laptop during the day. If you start having headaches, first stop using mobile. Rest for a while to calm yourself down and massage your forehead and head with your hands. Headaches will be reduced.

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In addition, you can take a bath to get rid of the headache that occurs during fasting, but if the headache does not go away, you must consult a doctor.

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