A Letter to Speaker Punjab Assembly & Deputy Commissioner Gujrat

A suggestion to our worthy speaker sahib and the Deputy Commissioner Gujrat, well done; but this just may be the tip of the iceberg.

We have many such areas which seem to be in shambles for want of neglect and proper care. The idea to restore a bigger club or park is necessitated by the fact that all genders including men and women could come and spend some time. There is no such park except for the one, which the former Government spent millions developing it.

I earnestly request the Deputy Commissioner and the parliamentarians of allaqa to immediately restore the park situated along the Chenab. The Shahbaz Sharif park. We have to rise above our party lines to look and cater to the general good of the masses who are a cross-section of our community. Let’s give a fair chance and an equal opportunity to the helpless and poor masses in general where they can vent out their frustrations and breathe freely in open air.

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I hope the deputy commissioner will look into it on a priority basis. Gujrat does not only belongs to one group of people but indeed it boasts a multi cultural baradari, cast and clan system yet collectively who all converge into one healthy society leaving behind their personal biases. It is time to move forward. Ideal still would be to incorporate school children into keeping the cities clean. On the directive of the Deputy Commissioner Sahib, the school principals of their respective schools must be told to supervise cleaning activities, making children part and parcel of this endeavor. They can go out in nearby areas picking up litter. The plantation campaign may not be treated as one time affair. It must be supervised all year round.

Clean drinking water is perhaps a matter of paramount importance. Another important aspect is to treat areas with aesthetics and techniques. With more clusters of homes and colonies mushrooming up, the residential areas are constricting, and in the busiest cities if there remains an open plot amidst a bazaar or a commercial place. Please don’t squadron off the area by building walls of bricks and mortar.

I can quote one example. I can throw light on the plight of the shopkeepers of an opening just opposite Gymkhana club, a cutting the bazaar, leading up the Mehmda road. Five roads crisscross. The shopkeepers are arrayed on two rows of the road. Lies there between area triangular plot where the community would previously sit, relax and hangout. The free area then for some reason has been built into a displeasing monstrous structure, which has taken the right away from the people of the area. They feel lost. This is where the water turbine is so to speak.

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I am propositioning here that all such places may be fortified with reinforced fences of steel. That not only it becomes open from the sides, it becomes scenic and useful for the people to come relax. My request on the behalf of the shopkeepers and as a former Tehsil Nazim, is to open it up and thereby making the lives of the citizens less miserable. This goes for all the areas in and around the three Tehsils of Gujrat.

The restoration of existing roads is a must. The condition of our main dual carriage from kathala to bhimber mullah bridge is pathetically poor. It’s deplorable, rickety, dilapidated to the utter disgust of the pedestrians. I am bamboozled to think why is this part being ignored? The most strongest of all the politicians belong to Gujrat. Not only that but worthy engineers like your own good self and chief engineer Ansar Warraich also belong to the same district. The classical Mish mash of beuro, politico Arrangement calls for a call attention notice… just joking. Imagine all incoming visitors from Islamabad become awe struck to see the condition of dual carriageway.

I had asked the erstwhile deputy commissioner Mr Jappa, who had accepted our request. But then all good things have to come to an end. We are pretty confident about the incoming deputy commissioner, but realistically we must prioritize and pay more attention to the existing roads. This road must essentially be built to avoid criticism from the general public which we all are privy of. Around the circular road another interesting thing would be to adorn the area by cobble stone just like you see bazaars in Turkey and Dubai. The sides of the roads should be paved by beautiful cobble stone, or aesthetically beautiful tiles. Gujrat can make the area turn into a posh locale. It may come to be known as shoppers paradise. Only a question of handling things in a more rational manner.

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First things first. The roads around the heavily populated areas be given preference first, rather than carving out roads in the desolate wilderness. They are dry as Gobi desert, we are not here for any intellectual debate. We can only give direction to the administration on the basis of our experience. There must exist a body of such people who could make suggestions without having their own axes to grind. I am willing to form a group of certain sons of the soil who can just be termed as the patriots if nothing more. May Allah keep us on the right track. The path of the righteous. We all are answerable to Allah if not to Ehtsaab Committees, but to our Creator, as we all stand in fiduciary character. Long live our dear district, long live our Pakistan.

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