Baaghi TV’s prediction comes true — the US Army is the biggest mercenary force on the planet


The article that I wrote for Baaghi TV on 21 January — during first 24 hours of Joe Biden’s presidency — I predicted that more bomb explosions will occur in Iraq and Afghanistan in coming days/weeks. So, Baaghi TV was right to predict more explosions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The objective of the perpetrators of these bomb explosions is — to ensure that American troops are NOT pulled back.

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The US war contractors don’t want troops’ drawdown — this will make them out of business if world becomes calm and peaceful.

The US Army is the biggest mercenary force on the planet — any country/group can hire its services to start/stop a war.

The Israel/Zionists would not like US troops to go back — they ensure Israel’s brinkmanship in the Middle East.

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The Saudis/UAE/Egypt want US troops to stay in Iraq — this will ensure their regime longevity.
Even some corrupt Iraqi politicians would love US troops to stay longer — this ensures their income streams/power.

The Afghan Govt and India would NOT like US troops being pulled out of Kabul — they have huge stakes in continuation of war in Afghanistan.

The Saudi/UAE/Egypt/India would like Qatar and Pakistan discredited for facilitating Afghan Taliban to gain any political leverage in Kabul.

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Hence — all these powerful individuals/groups/states will continue contributing towards bomb explosions/chaos/uncertainty — which ensures US troops to stay — the more they stay, the greater gains these stakeholders will make.

A few more explosions in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Afghanistan — President Biden, instead of calling US troops back, will instead send more reinforcements.

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We shall see more explosions in coming days/weeks — which will make a case of US troop surge, rather than reduce — let alone calling them back.

I wrote the following piece on 21 January—over 5 weeks ago—and events have ensued as predicted.

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